About US

Inspire Buddy is a blog that deals with Internet Marketing, Blogging, and Search Engine Optimization.

Well, the description in the first line doesn’t match with the name, and I am pretty sure, you too are thinking the same. In this post, I will be making everything clear about Inspire Buddy.

When I first started Inspire Buddy, I intended to make it an interview oriented blog which would feature various big and small names from the Indian Blogosphere and from outside. I had planned to interview various SEO gurus and marketers from around the planet and inspire all the newcomers in the field of blogging and SEO to start their ventures and work hard to grow it big.

As time passed, I realized that if I keep this blog confined only to interviews, I will be left with very very less content which would be a good signal because I wanted to grow Inspire Buddy big.

With time, I also started posting technology related articles in this blog to drive some traffic from the search engines and grow the authority of Inspire Buddy.

I have also done roundups and blog posts on various internet marketing and blogging related topics.

So, Inspire Buddy has never been a single niche site since its very beginning.

But, As Inspire Buddy is growing , I am planning to shift the technology related content into a whole new blog and grow it from scratch. And to Inspire Buddy, I will make it a blog that will deal with a basic and advanced SEO stuff apart from other money making tips.

With internet marketing and blogging being the main niche of Inspire Buddy, it will also be featuring influencers and continuing the trend of Interviews , Discussions and Roundups 🙂


Thank you 🙂 😉