10 Best offline android games you must play before you die

best offline android games

Best offline android games

If you are that sort of person who can turn up even at 1am on a Monday night if I challenge you for a duel in any game, then congratulations my friend, you are a true gamer and this post has been written specifically for you and your other friends who share similar interests.

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Games are something which we can not resist. We all love playing games. Be them of any genre , any category , we like them. Everyone has different tastes, some like action games , some like arcade games while some hold an interest in sport games. Keeping everything in mind , I prepared this list of top 10 games which you should play.
These are the best offline android games which I liked the most while playing.
These games are addicting and fun.
If any one of them is not in the list of the game you are playing on a regular basis , then would you mind giving them a second thought  ? Would you mind trying them once ? I bet they will end up being your favorite games one day. I have also written another post of similar niche i.e the games niche and that too android games. In that post, I have shared some really awesome android games which are low in size, here are the best free small mb games which range from 1mb to 20 mbs. Hope you will read and like that post also 🙂

NOTE : In this post , I will be listing only small sized best offline android games which are below 100 megabytes

So let us get started with the list 🙂

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Best offline android games of 2016

1) Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia

mini militia - best offline android games

No wonder why this game tops the list of best offline android games. It is one of my favorite offline game. I can spend hours and hours playing this game without getting tired.
I feel most of you would have played this game. Didn’t you ? If you are yet to try Mini Militia then, believe me, my friend , you have been missing something really awesome from all these years.

Mini Militia is a multiplayer combat game which can be played with any number of players between 2 to 8. In multiplayer mode , you can choose either of the two options.
Either you can play with random players from other parts of the world or can plan a custom game with your friends.
In case you are not interested in playing with others , you also get an option to play the survival mode where you can have a fight with the computer.

Give it a try , I am damn sure you will love this awesome offline android game

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Mini Militia

2) Stack

stack game stack2 stack3

I recently played the Stack game and am in love with it. I really feel like playing it over and over again.
It is a small sized game in which you just need to build towers by stacking up blocks.
What I liked the most about this game is its graphics. The graphics are simply amazing and you will like them for sure.
There are many tower building games out there , but this one is different from others. The space you miss out while placing a stack will be cut off and the area of the tower gets reduced.
A time comes when you get very less space to put your block over there and you lose the game. Now you will have to start it all over again.

Download Stack Game

3) Limbo (Demo)

limbo - best offline android games

It is a paid game and only the demo version is available for free.
This is the only game in the list which I am adding out here because of other’s recommendation.
To be honest , I downloaded the demo version of the game and tried out hard to find out how to play the game but in vain.
On the other hand , I saw a lot of people recommending me this game and the reason might be , they found the game amusing.
Probably I was not able to understand the game but you could be smart enough to make out and enjoy the game.
I wish you all the best.

Download Limbo Game

4) Slither.io

slither game - best offline android games

Slither.io is the game that can be played in two modes. What I mean is that it also has a web version.
A friend of mine actually told me about the web version of this game and asked me to try it out. But since I was using my android device, I could not try the web version. At the same time, I got to know that the android app is also available and I could not resist trying that out. I downloaded the app and was impressed

Actually, the game is somewhat like the snake game that we have been playing since our childhood. So , why so much craze about that common thing ? Well, there are reasons behind that. This game is played by not one person but a community of players. All those who opt to play the game online , are connected to a server and left in a playspace
What you gotta do is to gulp the eating material out there and grow in size. In case you happen to bump into any other player , you are gone and you will have to start it all over again.

Download Slither Game

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5) StickMan Dismounting : Break me totally

Stickman Game - best offline android games

Another game which I tried out mistakenly , I mean I never intended to download the game by myself. Probably I would not have done it myself but thanks to a friend who suggested me this, I downloaded the game and I still like to play it whenever I get some free time.

When you will start playing the game , you will find it to be the most boring game ever but as you progress and start gaining other items, you will have an inclination to play the game again and again. Yes ! It is addicting.
The objective of the hit a person in as many different combinations you can and get him as many injuries as you can , as simple as that.

So , All I would like to say about this game is don’t stop playing it the first time you don’t like. You will start loving it one day.

Download Slither Game

6) Dr. Driving ( Best offline android game )

Dr Driving - best offline android games

Almost everyone has played this game. A simple game with not so good graphics but awesome to play. I will surely love the gameplay when you try this game.
Created by Studio Up Down , Dr. Driving is a car driving game. No, it is not at all about racing with a computer. Instead the game many modes , you choose one and complete the challenge given to you.
Apart from driving a car , one mode also allows you to drive a truck and believe me , It is fun trying to control a truck.

What more I like about this particular game is its controls. Though it also has a motion sensor but controlling the vehicle using the steering wheel is more fun.

In a nutshell , the game is worth giving a try and you will not feel your time getting wasted while playing this awesome game.

Download Dr Driving Game

7) Stick Hero

Stick Hero Game : best offline android games

Another small size game with negligible graphics and it will run on any android device.
This game is developed by Ketchapp inc. , the developers of the Stack game listed above.

The game is pretty simple and has got nothing much to do and I was thinking whether to include it on the list but then made up my mind of keeping it here by playing the game again.
As everyone has different tastes , you might find this game less interesting and if that is the game , I apologize here itself.

In this game , you just have to build a pathway for a kid who is trying to move in a way. Not exactly pathway , but you have to join gaps between buildings with sticks of the exact size range. Increase or decrease in the size of the stick will lead to the fall of the kid moving over there.
Give it a try ! If you feel it is not so cool , take a moment to suggest another which could take its place.

Download Stick Hero Game

8) Smash Hit / Trizzio

I am pretty confused on which game to give its place. I would have preferred Trizzio but it is not exactly a game. So , I decided to give both of them a place over here. Let me give some info about both of them.

Smash Hit (Offline game)

Smash It Game

Now the main concept of this game Smash Hit is that you have to break out the glass obstacles and the crystals that come in your way.
You start off with a certain number of balls to clear off the obstacles. You can earn more balls in your journey and can even lose them.
The game gets over once you are out of balls.

Download Smash Hit Game

Trizzio (Online game)

3 4 5

Trizzio is not specifically a game but it is a trivia app. You get quiz questions while playing the game and get 10 attempts to answer them.
Apart from playing and having fun with the app , you can also earn some cool gift vouchers if you answer a set of questions right.
Isn’t this cool ?

Check out my article about Trizzio App :Trizzio App – Earn exciting prizes for playing

Download Trizzio Game


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Download Clash of Clans Game

Best online android games of 2016

Pokemon GO (Online game)

pokemon go

How can the list be complete without including this game ? This is the game which is creating new records. This is the game which is played more than how much people use facebook or twitter. Is it less for a game that was launched just some time back ?
Certainly not.
I hope that you have already downloaded the Pokemon GO.
Pokemon Go is a game that works on GPS technology. Take your phone , open GPS and roam around in places. Search for Pokemons and catch them on your poke balls. Give it a try, I am sure you will love it.

Mini Militia

 Clash of Clans (Online game)

Clash of Clans

Some of the die-hard COC fans would have killed me if I would not have included it over here. Jokes apart , Clash of Clans is really an awesome game (As told to me by a majority of people)

Though I am yet to start playing the game but I have seen a lot of people playing Clash Of Clans they really enjoy playing the game. That is the reason you are seeing the game listed up over here.

It is basically a combat game which involves strategic planning. Since I am yet to play the game , I can not provide you much info about it but all I can say is , take over your android device and start playing the game , you will soon see a day you will find yourselves addicted to it.

Final Words

So this was my collection of the best offline android games which you can download and play.
If you feel the list is incomplete and feel that your favorite offline android games or online android games are not listed here , you can comment the name of that android game below and I will make sure you I try it out and then list it over here.

Move on , click on the download button under every android game above download it and play but wait , before that , do not forget to click on the share buttons and give some boost to me and my new blog.

Do let me know what you feel about the list in the comment section down below. More games will be added soon in the list , cheers !!

Wishing you a great day !