How to build backlinks for a long term blog ?

How to build backlinks for a long term blog

Introduction to backlinks

Introduction to backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of a blog. No matter how awesome content you write or how well you impress your audience , if you do not have upvotes from other sites in the form of backlinks , you are certainly not going to get a good position in the SERPS.

Some SEOs may not agree with this statement and would say that “Content is King” but as far as I have experienced , I have never been able to rank a medium competition keyword with merely with content. Either the keyword has to be less competitive or you need to get your hands dirty with backlinks.

And if you have already tried your hands with keyword research , you would be knowing that there are no keywords left that have good potential and less competition and even if there are some , you certainly don’t know about them. So forget ranking posts just with good quality content.

NOTE : In any way , I am not saying that content doesn’t matter. Content is very important especially for your long term blog but apart from that , you need to have some high authority sites linking to your content to make it worth ranking.

But there is not just one way to make backlinks. There are several ways in which you can make backlinks for your blog.

Backlinks for a long-term blog

How to build backlinks for a long term blog

You do not need to build the same type of backlinks for each type of post. You can not build those very same spam links for your long term authority blog which you were making for your event blog , right ?

Neither you are supposed to do a lot of vigorous guest posting for event blogs because all your hard work in making the links by guest posting will be useless(not always) after the event (If the blog gets hit by penalty)

So what I actually mean by the above examples is that the kind of links that you are supposed to make are not the same everytime and so , you need to have a different backlinking strategy for different kinds of sites such as spammy link building for event based blogs and quality link building for long term or authority blogs.

In this article , I will be sharing the complete backlinking strategy that you need to follow in order to grow your long term blog from scratch.

The backlinks which you need to make for your long-term blogs are actually not easy to make. If it is the case of an event blog , you could simply move over to an auto approve comment site and leave a link to your blog but you can not do the same for your long term blog , because of the following two reasons :-

  • You may be hit by a Google Penalty
  • Such backlinks are only useful for articles that have a short time period (What I mean by short time period is that those posts are useful only for a limited period of time or those keywords are going to be searched only for some time and then the trend sheds off)

So , one thing is very very clear that you can not make spammy links for your long-term blog.

Now the question arises , if not those traditional , easy to make comment links , then what kind of backlinks are we supposed to make for our long term blog ?

Read on !! You will get your answer

Make backlinks for long term blogs


In this section , I will list various types of links to build along with some tips to keep in mind while building such links.

Comment links

comment backlinks

Now you would say that just before I wrote that you should not make comment links and now I am backing off from my own statement.

Well , what I actually meant by saying do not make comment links was that do not make comments links like the way you do for event based blogs.

In event blogs, you do not check the site in which you are making links, you do not check no-follow or do-follow , neither you check how much spammed it is. You just leave a comment , thats it.

But when it comes to long term blogs , you can not follow the same footprint mentioned above.

You should do blog commenting for backlinks even blog long term blogs but the main thing is that it should look natural.

Here are some points you need to keep in mind while making comment backlinks for long term blogs

  • Don’t comment on blogs which are spammed with many other comment links. It will do you more harm than good.
  • Do not consider no-follow links as bad while making comment backlinks for long term blogs. Just comment and prefer for no-follow backlinks too. They are actually very good as they will help you to diversify link and anchor variation. Don’t worry ,you will get it when you read further.
  • Make only niche relevant backlinks. This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind while making comment backlinks for your long term blog.
    For example , if you have a blog in technology niche , do not go and start commenting links in health niche blogs.

These points are good to help you get started. Make a good number of no-follow links in this step because all the other type of backlinks that you will make from now onwards will be high-quality do-follow backlinks and so you need to have something to make your link profile look natural.

Guest posting

guest posting

Before I start with this method , I should say one thing that if you are a lazy person , guest posting isn’t made for you.

This is one of the best way of getting high-quality backlinks when it comes to making links for your long term blogs. Here are few reasons why :-

  • These links look natural as it is considered that the links like this are added by the author himself without the link receiver’s intervention.
  • You can choose any anchor text for which you want the backlink.
  • You can choose any niche-relevent blog to submit a guest post.

Here are some points that you need to keep in mind while making backlinks by submitting guest posts

  • They should be strictly niche-relevent : Do not ever do guest posts for blogs that are not of your niche.
  • Make some links for your homepage while some for your posts. Do proper interlinking and the authority of the site will increase.
  • Only submit guest posts on blogs which are very much active, in terms of regular posting and user engagement.
  • Try to get the link from the top part of the post , if possible.
  • You should find blogs that accept guest posts and then sort them depending on their authority, the more authority the blog has , the better it is for your long term site too.
  • Try to write good quality content for the guest posts too.
  • You can either hire a content writer for this task or can write yourselves

PRO TIP : I would suggest you to write the guest posts on highly active blogs with good user-engagement , yourselves. Because , such blogs drive a lot of traffic through their social media profiles and if their users find your writing style impressive , you have the opportunity to convert them into regular visitors of your blog.



If you would ask me which link building strategy works in 2016 , I would recommend you just one word , “infographics”

Infographics are the ways to get high-quality contextual backlinks that actually work.

In case you do not know what an infographic actually is or have just some little idea but still aren’t very sure , then let me tell you that infographics are large sized images that contain a lot in information about a particular topic.

Infographics are a blend of images and pictures that make conveying information very convenient as the infographics create a long lasting visual impact on the reader.

Now you would be thinking , how is this thing going to get me backlinks ?

Well , infographics are among the  most shared content types by people. There are many bloggers who are hungry for good infographics.

So , if your infographic is convincing enough , then it is a sure thing that many bloggers would like to post your infographic on their blog and if they do , you will give you a source backlink for free.

Isn’t this awesome ?

Infographics can really help you to boost your backlink profile provided that they infographics that you make are very good and are worth adding in a blog.



We have read Guest Blogging , we have read infographics.

Now we will combine both the ways of getting backlinks and what will be the result is a better way of getting backlinks.

Guestographics is made out of the combination of two words , Guest Blogging and Infographics.

Brian Dean owns the credit of this method of link building. He made us realize that we can also use your infographics for guest posting.

All you need to do is just to send your infographic to the webmaster of a blog and ask them to add your infographic in their post.

Bribe them with good content and you will see a lot of high-quality blogs will publish your infographic and once they do, you can get a high-quality do-follow backlink from each of those high-quality blogs.



This is the method which is not easy to learn but is very easy to implement.

Outreach is an art , actually which comes by experience. They is no specific guide that teaches you to get your work done by the way of outreach.

You just need to experiment with it and you will grow from time to time.

Most popular way of outreach is through emails though social media is also being used nowadays for this purpose.

Now , if you are still confused about what outreach is , it is a way to contact a person and convince him to do something for your blog. In this post , our main concern is building backlinks. So , the outreach method that you are going to try is to get backlinks.

There are other uses too of outreach such as getting social shares by influencers or getting your service promoted.

Outreach is also considered as the future of link building by the SEO giants of the industry.

Now coming to the method of link building by the way of outreach, what you are actually supposed to do is to send a mail or a message to the owner of a blog , and convince him to give a link back to your site.

Before you try this method , one thing I would like to make very clear is that the conversion rate will be very less when you start trying this method out and it will increase with every email you send.

It is up to you that how convincing a mail you send to the owner. There are people who have achieved the conversion rate of over 30% which means that out of every 100 emails they send , 30 of them fetch them high-quality backlinks.

Now think again , how much time it takes to write 30 articles for guest posts ? and how much time it takes to prepare a good template and send 100 mails ?

That’s why I said that this method is very difficult to learn while very easy to implement.

Tips for getting successful or increasing your conversion rate :-

  • Be polite while writing the mail.
  • Bribe them with an offer (Maybe a free logo or something of that sort)
  • Praise their content but do not overdo it.
  • You can not afford to make spelling errors or grammatical errors while writing the mails.
  • Personalize the mails, use their name or blog on the subject if possible.
  • Don’t just leave after getting the link , try to build good relations with the owner.
  • At last , once your mail template is ready , open it up and consider that someone has sent it to your , asking for a link.
    Would you give the link after reading the e-mail ? If yes then proceed and if no , then try to find out what is missing and make your email perfect.


Get backlinks through testimonials

I wasn’t knowing about this thing until I read Brian Dean’s post. So all credits to him. Read the technique below :-

How many digital products do you use ? Now take a moment and think, what would happen if you get a do-follow backlink from the landing pages of each ?


Well well , I think you got the hint and are grinning now.

What I am trying to say is that you can offer a testimonial to the owners of those products and take a do follow backlink in return.

Now if you are thinking that whether the developer will accept your testimonial request , let me tell you one thing.

The Developers love testimonials , good testimonials. So you have a great opportunity to exchange a testimonial with a backlink.

Try sending testimonials to various developers and you may hit the jackpot anytime.

Here are two tips to keep in mind :-

  • Only send testimonials for the products that you have used.
  • Look for the sites whose landing pages do not have a testimonials column and suggest them to add a testimonial column including your testimonial.
  • If the product is new , then the chances of getting a backlink are higher.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building

Look over the internet and you will find that there are a lot of links which aren’t working. The links which do not point to any webpage. The reasons may be that either the linked page is dead or its address has been changed.

Since the links aren’t live , they are called broken links. So , you have an opportunity to add your links there. Simply look for some sites which write on the same niche as yours. Find for their broken links , write content related to the anchor text of that broken link and then ask the webmaster to link to your content.

I agree that it is not easy and the process is time-consuming but the outcome is awesome. You can get the links from that particular site , you want from.

Read more about Broken Link Building here

Natural Backlinks

Natural Backlinks

Lastly , the kind of backlinks which require no effort. Frankly speaking , these are the kind of links that Google or any other search engine wants from you.

Remember that quote from Matt Cutts ? “The objective is not to make your links appear natural , the objective is that your links are natural”

“The objective is not to make your links appear natural , the objective is that your links are natural” 

I won’t say much about that whether you should build links or not (All are smart and they know what to do 😛 )

The only thing I would say is that you should keep posting high-quality content , the content that every other blogger would like to link to. If your content is very awesome or if you have a good authority of yourselves,  you will get a lot of contextual backlinks , naturally.

Final Words

Final Words

So these are some great ways that you can make use of to build links for your long term blogs. I have tried to pour all that knowledge I had about backlinks for long term blog.

So , now you have read a lot of stuff about backlinks. The next step is implementation.

Not all ways of building backlinks would be compatible with your long term blog’s niche , so find out which ways you can implement on your blog and give them a shot.

Start making high-quality backlinks for your long term blog and one day , you will see your blog as an authority.

Finally , If I get good activity in this post , I will share another detailed guide about blogging that will help you a lot. So , share this post.


  1. Awesome and this is the first time I heard about “Guestographics” as you said we can’t build spam links for long term niche and you are right we can’t because it’s not about quantity instead it’s about quality.

    Some of the bloggers don’t know How to Spam and how all these things works. If we do it right we don’t get penalized 😉

    Anyway, that’s the great peace of shit, awesome stuff! (Y)