5 experts on “How to raise a fresh blog from scratch”

How to raise a fresh blog from scratch

This one is specifically for all the newbies who have recently entered into blogging.
When one starts with blogging , one simply does not start a niche site. First, everyone prefers to go with long term sites and everyone aspires to make their blog , an authority one.
Though I would not say everyone , but a majority collapse on the process of making their blog an authority one and it seems to me that this is not fair. Newbies too do a lot of hard-work but where they lack is proper guidance and smart work. A fair amount of their energy is spent in doing things that are not of much importance, for example , making spam backlinks or spending hours changing the look or appearance of their blog.
Instead, they should work towards putting up quality content and getting some authoritative backlinks.

To clear off all the myths and to provide you the best in class guidance on “How to raise a fresh blog from scratch” , I have called 5 experts to express their opinion about raising a fresh blog.

Choice of experts

Choice of experts

The choice of experts is quite uneven. On one hand, there is an industry leading influencer , while on the other hand , we have a guy who has been in blogging since the past 2 years only.
But what is uniform about them is that they all have their own long term blogs and they have grown them pretty well.
These people do have their niche sites but along with that , they have their long term blogs and those blogs are doing great.

Here are the experts and some information about all of them.

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi

One of the most famous names from the Indian Blogosphere. He is also one of the most inspiring people I have ever come across in my whole life. The way , he fought all the odds and turned up to become the industry leading experts is really inspiring.
He owns a couple of long term sites and the post famous of them it BloggingCage where he shares a lot of blogging related tips and tricks.

Iftekhar Ahmed


Another big name from the Indian Blogosphere. He is popularly known for his branding skills. The way he has gained a lot of popularity in the blogosphere is amazing. If you follow him , you will get to learn a lot of great stuff from him and in case you don’t , you are missing out something really big.
He owns a blog IftiSeo.com which again is a blogging related blog. It is a long-term blog and Iftekhar has grown it pretty well.

Deepak Rana

Deepak Rana

Another enthusiastic blogger who is known for his blog , ShouterBuzz.com. He has written some great articles related to blogging in ShouterBuzz. Within a short span of time , he made ShouterBuzz , a really famous one. This shows his ability to grow long term blogs.
Apart from ShouterBuzz , Deepak also works on a lot of niche sites and has fair amount of experience in this field.

Rachit Singh


Rachit is a blogger and entrepreneur who owns Scribbify.com and some other online ventures. He is well known for his content writing and marketing skills. He has some great contacts in the Blogosphere. His content creation skills have been appreciated by Neil Patel too.
Apart from Scribbify , he owns a long term blog “Hacknovations.org” where he writes about some technology related articles and some useful blogging tips.

Rupinder Singh Grewal


Rupinder is a young part time blogger who has been blogging since last one year. The way he grasps the concepts of blogging and SEO is simply phenomenal. He owns a tech blog Amaze Tricks apart from his other niche sites. He also has basic interests in programming.
AmazeTricks was founded by Rupinder around one year ago and it has been touching great heights since then.

How to raise a fresh blog from scratch

Here is the stuff from all of them. All of them have shared their personally tested tips and methods

Kulwant Nagi

Long term blog is a mindset

Long term blog is a mindset.
Once you have a big vision, commitment and dedication to make it one of the best blogs on the planet, your mind will always guide you to take calculated steps.

A long term blog starts with a professional logo, a brand-able theme, and killer content. Spending money on logo and design will prove that you are very serious about your blog to take it to next level. A confused mind will always find cheap logo options and cheap theme options.

Logo , theme and content

A long term blog needs proper planning of content distribution, writing frequency and proper outreach to get more eyeballs for your content.

Write in-depth articles, do proper outreach and make your presence everywhere. Here is the thumb rule – 20% of your efforts must be to produce killer content, while 80% of the efforts must be to promote the content to find the right audience for your blog.

Once you follow these steps, you are on the way to make a long term blog which will survive for years.

Iftekhar Ahmed

Blueprint to make a successful long term blog

Starting a new blog can be quite difficult since most of the keywords are very much saturated. With so less space for us to enter, it is better to work smartly rather than blindly running the blog.

I would firstly pick a niche that I am clear about or a niche on which I can post some good content. The next step is to check up with the competitors. One thing I would like to mention here is that your competitors won’t be the big sites. From day 1 your competitors must be sites which are relatively new and has low metrics.

Making and keeping a list of such competitors will be very much essential, now next will be to find out their best-ranking articles. This way one can easily collect a list of some traffic generating keywords. All that is left now is, content generation !! You must follow all on page principles and publish top notch articles.

Rinsing and repeating this can easily give you results within 30-60 days. However, it should be noted that everything depends on the competition. Moreover making money from the blog can take more time as it will require a good amount of views.

I’d directly suggest people to read “sweet steal technique” where I’ve mentioned everything with steps and images.

Deepak Rana

Raising a blog from the scratch is tough when you don’t have any primary
experience, but that’s how every business works. We need to scale up our
skills. So, let me get into the two essentials blogging things that new
blogger should follow.

Learn How SEO/Blogging Works

Learn how seo works

See, we all start with the hope that our blog will receive tons of traffic from Google & we will make money out of it. And, to get traffic from Google we need to optimize our blog for search engines, and it’s known as SEO, i.e., search engine optimization.

Beginners are often obsessed with blog design rather than what they are publishing on their blog, and what blueprints they got to follow to get traffic. It’s a good practice to have a good design, but don’t just get addicted to changing theme every single week or month.

Before you write an article, make sure some people are searching for what you’re writing and that you can check using Google keyword planner. However, that’s also not the case. You need to find keywords that are less competitive, and not being targeted by authority sites because there is no way you can beat them up without having good off-page SEO skills.

So, when you’ve got a keyword which is less competitive, then only write an article. Now, the article should solve the query of the user, and should be formatted well for good user experience, and that’s it.

After publishing your article, your next goal should be ranking your keyword at least under 5th page. Let me explain to you why I said so.

We bloggers often love to fill up our blog with a lot of contents, but what happens is after writing numbers of article we hardly rank for a single keyword at #1 position and our SERPs for articles keep on bouncing on the last pages.

Thus, it’s better to write less, but whatever you write, make sure it ranks.

Patience, Experiments, and Execution is the key

Bloggers are complaining that reading SEO blogs sometimes confuse them, but what they don’t learn from SEO blogs is that Patience, Experiments, and Execution is the key.

What working for me might not work for you because we don’t have 100% control over online things and scenario differs from niche to niche & keyword to keyword (that you’re targeting).

Blogging was simple a couple of years back; even my this reply would have ranked for query “How SEO Works” but now the things have been changed, Google is smart, and so is the competitors.

Don’t complain, if you’re not succeeding, you might be doing something wrong, so work on it and sharpen your skills, and you’ll start seeing the results.

Rachit Singh

This has been one of the most asked questions to me. Since growing a blog is indeed the hardest time, because once it is in the limelight, whatever you do catches eyes. But when a blog is in the starting phase, you have to publish quality content regularly.

The simple tactic that I used to grow my blogs is first to publish quality posts ( one post daily ) on the blog for at least 2-3 months.

Publish quality content regularly

During this time I made sure that I spent more time on promotion than I do on creation. Thereby I commented on a lot of blogs, I wrote guests posts as well. All these things practiced regularly can definitely grow a blog.

The key is to create a schedule and stick to it.

Schedule your work , stick to it

Also, in the starting days, you have to be very careful with the keywords that you are targeting. If you target high competition keywords, you will not get any traffic, thereby you need to target the right set of keywords.

Also, a lot of bloggers leave too early. The message should be for them to hang in. Because when you are in blogging, you will learn every day and make yourself better every other day. So, if you think that you’ve been blogging for some time and no response is coming, just hang in there and good things will happen to you.

Also, networking plays a vital role in blogging. Make sure you make a lot of friends, in your niche as well as in other niches.

Rupinder Singh Grewal

Before you are thinking to start any long-term blog for yourselves , you have a detailed planning about your blog. Since long-term blogs are not easy to sustain , you will face a lot of backfires if you haven’t planned your content strategy and promotional strategies. Before you enter this battlefield , ask yourselves , the following questions.

Questions to ask before starting a blog

  • In which niche should I Start?
  • Is this niche profitable ?
  • How will I monetize it ?
  • How will I engage visitors?
  • How many competitors are in your niche?

If these questions come in your mind before starting any new blog then you are good to go.
So let me cover up and make the things easy for you by answering to some of the basic questions ;).

Should I Go With Custom domain?

Of course, Yes.

Custom & Brandable domain Gives a new look to your Long term
Blog.It’s Still better to start with a custom domain instead of any
.blogspot or .WordPress ones.

Which Blogging platform will suitable for me?

Well, If you are new and going to start a new blog then I Will suggest you
to go with WordPress platform If you can afford hosting and all.Otherwise,
there are many free platforms available Like Blogger.You can setup your
blog on it absolutely free.

Some Tips

  • Always Write Fresh Content and Unique ones as content is the king.
  • For Engaging Visitors to Visit Your site I would suggest you to go with Social Platform first For Example – Facebook, Twitter, Reddit.
  • Share your Posts on them.
  • Always do some research before writing any content. For example – Check the competitors.

My take

how to raise a fresh blog from scratch

So after having so much of knowledge by these great guys , I feel my words will not have anything new. Still , here is what I have to say about raising a fresh blog from scratch.

Well , first of all , when you start a blog and you intend to make it an authority , you should be serious. Do not launch it casually because you had some domain and hosting offer and you bought it.
Once you start with it , be ready for those sleepless night that you will have to come across.

Have a dream.
Have a dream of being counted as one of the best bloggers in the world. Once you have the dream or desire , you will certainly work hard for it.

That was all about motivation , now comes the real execution part.

Set-up your blog 

Take time to think a domain name for yourselves. Make sure the domain is a easy-to-remember one and a brandable one.  Now buy some decent hosting and set up your site. Spend some money in getting a good logo and a beautiful theme.

If you do spend money in buying stuff for your blog , you will surely work a lot harder to get the money back.

Once your site is set-up , start posting quality content on regular intervals. Make sure at least one post in one day and if you can post more , you will get better results.

Get the traffic you need

How to bring traffic to your blog

You won’t be ranking on the first page from the very first page of your blog and if you are not in page 1 , you will not be receiving any good traffic on your blog.

But without any traffic , how are you going to get the motivation to keep going ?

It is a fact that we all need to see some good stats (traffic stats) to see our blog going. Without good stats , you will not want to continue.

Now the question comes , where to get that traffic ?

From SOCIAL MEDIA. This is what I did with Inspire Buddy. I used to share each and every post of mine on my facebook profile and I managed to get around 5000 views in the first month with just 6 posts on my blog. I know this was not very good but I helped me to continue with greater zeal and enthusiasm.

Where to promote blog posts ?

  • Your facebook profile.
  • Relevant groups in facebook.
  • Your facebook page.
  • Your twitter profile.
  • Instagram
  • Reddit

There are a lot more sites where you can share your posts and get a good amount of traffic. I am not listing everything here because I will be writing a separate post about it some time.

Make the content that does not suck 

How to make great content

When it comes to content , your readers do not expect any kind of compromise. They want the best content and that is the reason they are coming to our site and it is your duty to provide them the best content they deserve.

Before you start writing your content , do some sort of proper planning and research. Write posts with at least 1000 words and try to increase it with every post.

Write in proper English and a user-friendly language.

Prefer to write your content yourselves instead of depending on others because it is your writing style that your readers love and it is the reason they stick to your blog.

PS : This line is copied from NEIL PATEL

Final Words

Final Words

All the information contained in this post was more than enough to help you to get started with your blog. Once you finish reading this post, you should get into direct action. Do not read any more guides or any more blogs.


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Thank You

At last ,  I would like to thank each and every expert who appeared in this round-up and shared their knowledge with us.
I would also like to thank you for reading the stuff and sharing it 🙂

Have a great day !!



  1. Very inspiring and motivating article. Must read for beginners. I agree that most important part is we stick to implement things in blogging. This is part where most of bloggers fail and quit easily. This article can surely motivate us to stick to our blog, in case if we had made mind to quit. Must read completely at least for once.

  2. Hey Pranshu, Great article man. I have a question for you. Your first month traffic from Social Media with 6 post.. its amazing.. can you guide me how.. I have written unique articles for my 1-month-old blog with 13 posts. Inspite of sharing the article in Social Media, So far i got only 438 views. Thanks in Advance bro 🙂

    • Jagadeesh , It all varies from niche to niche.
      If you read my first six-seven articles , you will find that the content is what the audience likes to read. For example , at first, there is an interview which fetched me good amount of initial traffic. Then I wrote some other posts which people would like to click.
      Try to use attractive headlines and good content and you will get good amount of love from social media.
      Also work on making your social profiles active 🙂
      You are good to go

  3. Just one question on my mind after read all this can i rank site with social only will Google consider it as ranking signal some bloggers are saying this will drive you referral traffic but not help you in ranking or its just nofollow.

  4. Just one question on my mind after read all this can i rank site with social only will Google consider it as ranking signal some bloggers are saying this will drive you referral traffic but not help you in ranking or its just nofollow?

    • Social Signals do help you to boost rankings but ranking a keyword entire with only social signals is difficult.
      It happens only when you are targeting a very low competition keyword.
      So yes, social signals are a ranking factor but backlinks and content are above social signals.