How to install six whatsapp accounts in a non-rooted device


Multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single device

Remember , I promised that apart from interviews , I will also run an Inspire Buddy Blog where I will post various articles in multiple niches such as Tech , Blogging , Entertainment , Motivation etc. and keeping up the trend , I am here with the first Tech post on Inspire Buddy Blog.
How to install six WhatsApp accounts in a single non-rooted device – This is what compelled to reach here and I assure you will never regret that but wait  6 Whatsapp accounts ? that too on a Non-Rooted Device ?   Is that really possible or am I just grabbing visits for my using the so-called ” Attractive title technique ?
Trust me I hate lying to my visitors and I have been successful in finding a way out.

Before I start with the post , let me make it clear that I will not be using any Rocket Science for this. I will just be posting a combination to tweaks that you can use and create multiple Whatsapp accounts.

What is Whatsapp ?


Well , that is the silliest question out there. I mean who does not know What is Whatsapp. In case you are one from the minority and don’t know what is WhatsApp , I need to do something for you. Here I copied a piece of text from Wikipedia which tells you what is WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is a proprietary cross-platform, encrypted, instant messaging client for smartphones. It uses the Internet to send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio messages to other users using standard cellular mobile numbers.

You can always download WhatsApp messenger from Google Play Store(In case you do not have)

Why multiple Whatsapp accounts ?

Just because you can show different things to different people, as simple as that. For example , you need to show a different display picture to someone while another to someone else. Or you need a WhatsApp account for some professional work for example running your Blog’s broadcasting service.
There may be a lot of reason out there for Why you need multiple Whatsapp accounts. So follow up the post below to find out how to create 6 WhatsApp accounts in a single non-rooted device. 

Step by step tutorial for each account

How to create a WhatsApp account (First account)

This is the main or the primary account of yours which you already have created. In case it is not , follow the steps down below to create one

Steps to follow :

  • Download the Whatsapp Messenger App. Click on the button below

Whatsapp messenger

  • Click on accept and continue.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Wait till it automatically verifies the mobile number with a One Time Password.
  • Now set up your account.Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-00-10
  • Add a display picture and your first account is made.

How to create 2 Whatsapp accounts (Second account)

Okay, so this is also something which is not new and is viral over the internet. You gotta make use of an app called Parallel Space and most of you might be knowing about this method too. Anyway, I will post the steps for those who aren’t aware. But before the app , let us have a brief introduction of what Parallel space is and what it does.

What is Parallel Space ?

parallel space

Parallel Space is simply an app that clones any other app present in your phone and allows you to use is completely as a different entity i.e You can use Parallel space app for creating two accounts of a single app on your phone and we will also be doing something similar for creating this second WhatsApp account.

Steps to follow

  • Download the Parallel Space App. Click on the button below.

download parallel space

  • Open the app and set it up.
  • Now you will see an option for adding the app you want to clone.
  • Add Whatsapp to Parallel Space.
  • Now click on the WhatsApp icon on Parallel Space.
  • Another WhatsApp application will be opened which will have no relation with the one you are currently using.
  • Now sign up for an account in this Whatsapp and set it up

Screenshot_2016-07-10-08-59-21   .Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-00-10     Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-02-47 (1)

  • Whenever you need to open this account , open Parallel Space app and click on Whatsapp , you will be able to access your second account.

How to create 3 WhatsApp accounts (Third account)

So this is something new which is not known to many. In this method, we will be making use of an app called Disa. Many of you would have no idea about how to use Disa so this section might go long. But before that , let me tell you about Disa app , what it is , how it works and how to use.

What is Disa App ?

Disa App

Disa is a messaging Hub. Disa is a new chat platform that combines all your messaging services at one place and you can access them in a single app. Add WhatsApp , Facebook and Messaging in Disa app and reply to all messages from a single place. No need to keep separate apps on your phone anymore. Apart from all the features it provides , Disa app is a bonus as it solves all your memory and storage issues and whats the best part , you can use Disa app for creating a new Whatsapp account and that the reason the app’s description is here.

Steps to follow :

  • Download the Disa App. Click on the button below.

download disa app

  • Open the app.
  • Click on Add service icon.


  • You will be shown certain options.
  • Choose WhatsApp from them.


  • Now go to settings option and it will ask you to set up WhatsApp.


  • Click on it and your information will be asked.
  • You will get all the instructions that the WhatsApp Setup Wizard.
  • Follow the steps and set up WhatsApp.
  • Now are all set to use your third WhatsApp account.

How to create 4 WhatsApp accounts (Fourth account)

Now comes the tricky part. Just above a reference was made to Parallel Space. Now think how you can use it to create another account. I hope you are getting an idea. Right ? 😀
Well Yes, We will be using the Disa application in Parallel Space and create a copy of the Disa app and then use it for creating another account.
If the process is still not clear , follow the steps down below , else proceed to the next paragraph.

Untitled design

Steps to follow :

  • Open Parallel Space app in your Non-Rooted Device.
  • You will see the icon to clone apps.
  • Click on the clone icon.
  • Now select Disa app from the list of all apps shown to you.
  • A clone of the Disa app will be made , open it.
  • Now again click on add service icon.
  • Choose Whatsapp from the options available.
  • Open WhatsApp in Disa app and set up WhatsApp.
  • Enter all the details it asks you.
  • After you are done setting up , you can use your fourth WhatsApp account.

How to create 5 WhatsApp accounts (Fifth account)

So now here is something different. Till now , we have limited ourselves to the use of other apps like Disa and Parallel space to create WhatsApp accounts. Now we will make use of an app, which is the unofficial version of the original WhatsApp and is not available directly on Google Play store which means you will have to download the apk file from the Internet. If you can smell, I am talking about GB WhatsApp which is also something that it quite famous and is known to a lot of people. It is simply a modded version of the original WhatsApp. (Steps for everything 😛 )

Steps to follow :

  • Download the GB WhatsApp app , Click on the button below.

Gb Whatsapp

  • Install the app on your mobile phone.
  • If you face an error , then go to setting > and tick unknown sources option.
  • Open the app normally as you open the original version of WhatsApp.
  • Now it will prompt you to enter the mobile number you want to use for WhatsApp.
  • Enter the number and it will verify the one-time password automatically.
  • After you are done with this , you will have to wait for it to get initialized.
  • It will do everything automatically and soon your 5th whatsApp account will be ready.

Screenshot_2016-07-10-08-59-21   Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-00-10  Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-02-47 (1)

How to create 6 Whatsapp accounts (Sixth account)

Now I hope you all are aware what will be the sixth thing to do in order to make the sixth account. Yes , the very same parallel space method. I know you all are smart enough to frame the steps on your own but still for the sake of writing let me mention the steps to be followed

Steps to follow :

Here I assume that you already have the Gb WhatsApp app installed on your phone.

  • Open Parallel Space app on your device.
  • Click on the clone icon.
  • Select Gb WhatsApp from the list of apps you see.

Screenshot_2016-07-10-09-06-37 (1)

  • It will be added to the Parallel Space dashboard.
  • Open it from there.
  • Enter your number and verify it.
  • Now set it up by uploading your display picture and your status.
  • You are all set to use the sixth WhatsApp account.

Final Words

So this was the complete guide on how to create six different WhatsApp accounts in your non-rooted android device. You can follow any of the six methods in any sequence you want but I have tried to place them in the best possible sequence so it will be better that you follow up the same. You can create any number of accounts you want from 1-6 using the methods displayed above.

NOTE – There can be more ways possible to run more WhatsApp accounts on your mobile phone. I am constantly looking for more ways and will update them here soon. In case you encounter any other method that I missed, be sure that you mail me and I will update the post here along with credits.

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  1. Hi is it possible to use an app to get a burner no to make a second what’s app with a different number. I tried using hushed but what’s app won’t recognise the number