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Get Your Nerd On With These Amazing Note Taking Apps

by Snehal Tanwar
Get Your Nerd On With These Amazing Note Taking Apps

The process of learning is never complete without a bit of note taking. The perfect set of notes can help you ace the test, score the highest marks and ensure that years after you graduate, you still remember what you were taught. Making these notes however, is hard work.

Taking down notes in class is not enough. You must organize these messy pointers, add in material from your readings, copy them on fresh paper, color code them, summarize them and optimize them for tests and exams. If this isn’t enough to digest, factor in the ton of paper that you’ll eventually have to carry. If you’re a med student be ready to walk into a room piled high with these notes and deal with back pain on a daily basis. Fortunately though it doesn’t have to be this hard anymore.

Switching to digital notes will not only eliminate the ton of paper you have to deal with, it will also save you time and give you greater flexibility. For those new to scene, finding your bearings can be difficult. However, the following apps are sure to make your transition seamless.


Evernote is the king of note taking. One of the first arrivals on the scene, it has managed to maintain its stronghold years later. And, why wouldn’t it. It offers the best services.

The app lets you take notes in a variety of ways. You can type them in or scribble them, use images, sketch diagrams, add audio, upload scanned documents, create checklists, flowcharts and more. It not only helps you organize your notes, it also helps make them searchable. The app is capable of reading all that you scribble meaning it just not an image to it. You can search the words and find which page of your notes has them. In fact, it can even read text in images so go ahead and add in a shot of your book. The scanner it offers ensures you get crisp image of the page you want to save.

For collaborative studying, try their business account. You can chat and edit notes and files in real time. Neat, right?

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a worthy opponent to Evernote. While their services may be the same, they don’t look anything alike.

Evernote offers a clean look, something you’d expect for a business software. OneNote, on the other hand, mimics paper which is great for those that are still in love with the paper finish. The way you work it is the same as you would a paper. There is no starting point. You can click anywhere on the page and add some content. You can even choose from lined paper and textured paper. Need a template for your notes, you can choose one from their library. The notebook looks like a binder so you can add sections and tabs just like you would a real note book.

This app too allows you to make notes in a variety of ways, like uploading images, scribbling text, adding audio and more. They also offer one of the most advance optical character recognition (OCR) software that makes your writing searchable. In addition to this, you can use their ink to text feature that converts your writing to, you guessed it, text.

Apple Notes

If you’re a mac user, then you don’t need any third-party apps. Apple Notes offers impressive features like Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, which is integrated in the program.

Apple Notes offers similar features like adding text, writing, sketches, audio, pictures and videos, attachments, links to websites and more. If you have iOS 11, them your can also format text. You can add tables, headings, bullet points, etc. You can change fonts, make it bold, or even underline it.

It too offers decent search capabilities and you can even send commands through Siri. The interface is clean and minimal, how apple typically is, and you can sync it with iCloud ensuring your notes are available on all your devices.

Google Keep

How can Google be missing from the scene? Well, it’s not. It’s holding its own and offering a great app users.

Google Keep is one of the simplest note taking apps. It offers a more barebones system and is quite lacking, but it still has much to offer, especially for those that easily get overwhelmed. This simple app is sure to appeal to them. It offers the standard note taking features which is all that you really need, but the best part is that it lets you dictate notes to it which it then converts to text. This feature alone revolutionizes the note-taking game and makes it a fierce contender. A must keep for sure!

Final Words

There you go, these apps are sure to help you make the best notes you can make. All you need now is a good internet connection. Spectrum internet packages are affordable and free of contract, sure to meet your needs. So, go ahead and get digital. It’ll take a little getting used to, but once you get a hang of it you’ll never look back.

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