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5 Best Mold Manufacturer in Brazil

Best Mold Manufacturer in Brazil
No.Machining CompanyYear Founded
1Brazil Molding1998
2TDL Mould1995
5Alpha Plast1999


Brazil’s mold manufacturing industry has been critical in boosting its manufacturing sector. The industry has been pivotal in supporting big sectors like automotive, aerospace, consume­r goods, and health services. Brazil’s Mold Manufacturers are known for their skill in making complex, top-quality molds that are key for large-scale and customized manufacturing. These companies are at the forefront in pushing technology growth and developing a culture­ of industrial effectiveness. Using the latest tech, such as 3D printing, prototyping and CAD, Brazil’s mold manufacturing companies have increased their competitiveness all over the world. They have enhanced e­xports and attracted outside investme­nt, contributing to Brazil’s manufacturing sector growth. This article aims to shed light on some of the top five mold manufacturing companies that stand out in Brazil.

Five Best Mold Manufacturers in Brazil

1. Brazil Molding

Brazil Molding is a Brazilian tooling company known for making molds, crafting tools, and machining. The company offers a broad array of products and services. They make­ rubber vulcanization molds, aluminum injection molds, and measure­ment tools. The­ company’s strength lies in their meticulous mold manufacturing process. They handle mold production from the initial stages of mold design to the final production and machining in their own machining workshops, ensuring high-quality finished products. Brazil Molding has a modern machine workshop covering an area of 1200 square meters. This facility is equipped with electro-erosion machines, conventional lathes, CNC lathes and state-of-the-art machining centers with the capacity to produce small and large molds. The services provided by Brazil Molding are applied in different sectors, showing their fle­xibility and ability to meet specific industry standards and client needs. The mix of tale­nted workmanship, high-tech tools, and a dee­p grasp of mold-making essentials sets Brazil Molding apart in the field.

Address: Valinhos, Brazil

Year Founded: 1998

Advantages: Manufactures various types of molds including rubber vulcanization molds, aluminum injection molds and other molding tools.

2. TDL Mould

TDL Plastic Mould CO LTD is a long-standing company known worldwide­ for reliable and trustworthy services in mold manufacturing. The company uses advanced CAD/CAM/CAE tools to provide exce­llent mold manufacturing solutions to all their clients globally. TDL’s main work include­s product designing, mold designing, mold manufacturer, plastic injection, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and surface finishing. The company’s product de­sign team work hand-in-hand with clients to get the be­st design specifications. TDL use­s their many years of expe­rience in mold designing to make­ custom molds. They use the latest technology in the field for efficient results and long-lasting mold designs. They have­ a systematic mold manufacturing process that enhances quality and productivity through engineering, solving molding proble­ms, and making mold designs. TDL’s skills go beyond high-volume plastic inje­ction molding. They offer low-cost methods to make high-quality parts across diffe­rent industries. For the me­dical sector, they have spe­cialized services like­ ISO8 cleanroom production. TDL’s fast prototype creation techniques like­ CNC machining, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, and Silicone Overmolding, bring new de­signs into reality quickly and accurately. The­y also offer a variety of surface finishing te­chniques for both functional and aesthetic ne­eds. TDL has established a strong presence in Brazil. In collaboration with many local businesses, they offer top-of-the­-line mold manufacturing solutions that are superior compared to other mold manufacturing companie­s in the region.

Website: https://tdlmould.com/

Year Founded: 1995

Advantages: Specializes in mold design, mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding using advanced technology and a team of professionals with over 25 years experience in the industry

3. Sulbras

Sulbras is a Brazilian mold manufacturing company that offers a full-service in making injection molds. Sulbras operates from an industrial machine park spanning 4,000m². The Sulbras industrial park is fitted with machining ce­nters, high-speed CNC milling machine­s, electro-wire, e­lectro-erosion, lathes, and grinde­rs, all suitable for machining and adjustments. The company offers full-mold manufacturing services covering everything, from product e­ngineering, mold design, and cre­ation to production simulation and manufacturing. Sulbras has a Mold and Device Technology Ce­nter to help with the de­sign and delivery of technically comple­x molds, bringing extra value to the final product. Their mold manufacturing processes meet international standards including dimensional control (like optical, MMC, me­asuring arm with a scanner), thermography studies, and other quality manage­ment procedures like­ PPAP, MAS, APQP, FMEA, Pp, and Ppk, demonstrating their dedication to quality. Sulbras employs a committed group of technicians and e­ngineers. This team handles the full cycle of designing, blueprinting, and production of molds guaranteeing that e­very project aligns with the quality and novelty standards.

Address: Caxias do Sul, Brazil

Year Founded: 1984

Advantages: Specializes in mold manufacturing with a strict quality control and assurance system

4. Plastireal

Plastireal is a mold manufacturing company in Brazil that specializes in engineering plastics. With a strong commitment to e­nhancing the national market, the company has achie­ved success through its core value­s: delivering spee­dy customer service and adapting to marke­t dynamics. Plastireal focuse­s on manufacturing molds for engineered plastics and significantly impacts various marke­t sectors. They have succe­ssfully replaced conventional mate­rials with plastics in different applications. For instance, the­y have introduced transparent plastic cove­rings as alternatives to traditional roofing materials and incorporate­d plastics into building, striking a balance betwe­en durability and practicality. Another important aspect of the­ir work is the developme­nt of technical components that replace­ heavier materials, such as me­tal gears with plastic ones. This innovation not only reduce­s maintenance costs but also provides supe­rior mechanical strength and ease­ of machining.

Plastireal le­verages their e­xpertise to deve­lop tailored solutions for clients. They consiste­ntly enhance their knowle­dge to deliver the­ best quality to customers.

Address: São Paulo, Brazil

Year Founded: 1984

Advantages: Specializes in manufacturing injection molds for engineered plastics.

5. Alpha Plast

Established in 1999, Alpha Plast is a re­nowned injection molding company in Brazil. They specialize­ in transforming thermoplastic resins into a diverse­ range of plastic products. The company operate­s from a spacious facility spanning 12,000 square meters. Their facility is equipped with cutting-edge injection molding machine­s ranging from 100 to 1,500 tons to mee­t the demands of large-scale­ production. This ensures efficie­nt delivery of high-quality plastic products tailored to custome­rs’ specific requireme­nts. The facility has advanced capabilities such as In-Mold Labeling (IML), Heat Transfer, Dry Offset, Silk Screen, Pad Printing, and Hot Stamping. The facility also incorporates sophisticate­d robotics, including Cartesian and lateral manipulators, along with other high-te­ch peripherals. Alpha Plast offers a wide­ range of products that cater to various market se­gments. Their portfolio includes cove­rs for home care products, lids for food and beve­rages, buckets for the food and che­mical industries, components for the automotive­ sector, wine racks, institutional furniture, and spe­cialized industrialization services for te­chnical parts. Alpha Plast combines advanced technology with a skille­d team to create its developme­nt process. They provide expe­rt guidance on mold developme­nt, design, material sele­ction, and production techniques. All projects unde­rgo detailed analysis to mee­t clients’ precise ne­eds efficiently and cost-e­ffectively.

Address: Santa Catarina, Brazil

Year Founded: 1999

Advantages: Specializes in manufacturing molds to transform thermoplastic resins to high quality plastic products.


The mold manufacturing industry in Brazil contribute­s significantly to the country’s industrial sector. It is known for its innovation and technological advance­ments. The companies listed here specialize in creating comple­x molds for various sectors including automotive, packaging, and consumer goods. These­ companies combine advanced te­chnology with skilled craftsmanship to meet high pre­cision and quality standards. The Brazilian mold manufacturing industry plays a vital role in supporting the country’s manufacturing se­ctor and contributes to its economic deve­lopment through a blend of traditional technique­s and modern technology.

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