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Feel Extra Comfort with Auto Console Armrest Cushions

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In the current era of modernization, every automaker wants its car to have a certain unique appeal to the prospective buyers. Car manufacturers are installing a number of features in their creations these days that are present for aesthetics as well as functionality. One can perceive a number of such additions, be it the exterior or the interior of any car.

New cars these days are being provided with the utmost convenient features for the comfort as well as safety of the passengers. Among these features are the different armrests and consoles, which were once used to enhance the comfort and beauty factor of luxury cars. But the paradigm has been shifted by a number of companies, which are installing auto console armrest cushions to create more comfortable cars.

For some driving a motorized road vehicle is their job, for example truck drivers, bus drivers, ambulance, police, taxi etc and for some, driving is the primary means of transport for journeys to and from work.

Modern vehicle design has progressed a long way over the years with better styling features, more fuel efficient and comfort however there is concern that seating in vehicles may cause back injuries for which the armrest cushion pillow had been invented.

If your vehicle is not moving then the driving seat may be no more different then a comfy chair, but when the vehicle starts to move things change.

The feet are in constant movement on the brake clutch accelerator pedals, unlike normal seating, when a vehicle is in motion the body is subjected to different forces.

These features of armrests and consoles can be witnessed in a considerable number of cars, be it hatchback or sedan or a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Also, various car accessory shops are also dealing in the selling of armrests and consoles for all the models.

These types of car interior accessories are becoming famous gradually among concerned consumers who have a desire to avail maximum comfort in their cars. One can now buy cars integrated with these features and also purchase them separately as per their suitability and convenience. There are various types of armrest cushion for cars available in the market as well as integrated into the cars and these are as follows:

Leather Arm Rests

These does not wear out easily, these types of armrests are wrapped in high-quality leather material. They can be placed in the front row or the back row as per the suitability of buyers. The leather armrests also have the provision of a storage box, which can be used to stock a number of small items. These types of armrests can also be integrated with a number of consoles, which operate various functions of the car.

Cushion Arm Rests

Like the leather armrests, the cushion armrests can also be placed at the front or back of the car and can also be integrated with consoles and dials. These types of armrests are made of special absorbing and soft cushions, which easily absorb moisture or sweat from the hands or elbow of the driver or any occupant.

Cushion arm rest

Door Arm Rests: The door armrests are mounted on the door handles at the inside of the car. They can be of a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and are generally made up of fabric or leather material.

Door arm rest

Furthermore, there are also those types of armrests, which can be monitored or regulated through a remote or the infotainment screen of the car. These types of armrests have the basic consoles of the car integrated into them and also feature the provisions of massage and refrigerator for cooling beverages. Such armrests are usually installed in the high-end luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Bentley, but can now be purchased online as well as through the accessory outlets.

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