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Top 5 Benefits of Using Parking Permit Software

Top 5 Benefits of Using Parking Permit Software

Managing the complex needs of residents and employees in parking lots can be difficult. Under permit management software, operators can easily track permits and vehicle information through a centralized database.

Going digital also saves time by eliminating the need to distribute physical hang tags and allows quick changes to permit details when a driver changes a vehicle or location.

Advantages of Using Parking Permit Software

Increased Security

Using parking permit software will ensure that only permitted users are in your parking lot or area. It allows for automating processes such as parking contravention reporting, payments & online permit renewals, which increases efficiency for your enforcement officers and reduces costs for you, the business.

With automated parking enforcement, the ability to record vehicle data, such as license plate numbers and more, will help reduce the risk of false or inaccurate citations. This is important because these are the most common type of parking violations. Parking permit management systems also provide real-time data reports that can give the business insight into high-density parking violation areas.

Creating and managing parking permits through parking permit management software enables the business to increase its revenue. Aside from payment processing options, companies can offer various types of parking permits and set up different rates for each to suit the needs of their operations. This is especially beneficial for companies with more employees than available parking spaces.

Increased Efficiency

Parking permit software dramatically improves efficiency compared to traditional manual processes, such as handwritten tickets and in-person payments. With the latest Wi-Fi & 5G technology, parking contraventions can be instantly uploaded to an enforcement management system, processing online citation payments and appeals, resulting in increased collection rates and enhanced customer service.

Parking permit software’s centralized data management features also help improve overall business operations. This allows businesses to make better decisions about their parking policies and resources based on daily business performance, which ultimately helps to optimize the overall customer experience and increase revenue over time.

Residents of a community with parking permit software can access real-time information about their parking status, such as a resident’s permit availability, guest permits on order, and the ability to track their vehicle’s license plate data. This allows them to avoid unauthorized cars parked on their property and helps ensure that there is always sufficient parking space available for residents and guests.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Parking management software typically includes security systems, payment processing, permit-issuing capabilities, and reporting features. These features help parking departments manage their permits, improve the customer experience and generate more revenue.

This software lets you easily monitor who is parking on your property and see how many spaces are available for residents or guests. This means you can enforce rules more effectively and free up space for everyone.

Some popular parking permit management solutions include ANPR technology and a mobile payment solution. Universities, hospitals, and private parking authorities often use these.

The parking management system offers a virtual front counter and administrative backend for permitting, approval workflows, and waitlists. This helps the institution maintain relationships with its parkers and streamlines the backend process for its staff.

A parking permit system also allows users to register their license plates and devices and pay for their permits online. This can be especially helpful for people who share a vehicle, as it allows them to purchase one ticket and register multiple vehicles.

Increased Revenue

Parking management software helps to increase revenue by allowing you to track visitors and their vehicles. This will enable you to see who is coming and going from your parking lot or garage space at any given time, allowing you to optimize your room’s usage and improve security.

Additionally, parking permit systems can give your customers more options for payments. Many systems can accept multiple digital forms of payment, including credit cards, mobile apps, PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This allows you to increase your revenue by offering various payment methods your customers will be more likely to use.

Additionally, modern parking software is often cloud-based and designed to provide scalability and resilience. If your system server gets overloaded due to high demand, the system will automatically move users to another virtual server to prevent outages. This is a great way to save money on infrastructure and improve overall operational efficiency. You will also be able to decrease the amount of manual work that your staff is required to do, which, again, saves you money.

Reduced Administrative Time

Using parking management software to manage permits saves time and effort for parking department staff. Instead of spending days manually collecting, updating, and tracking tickets or chasing down those who have expired or misused keys, your team can spend more time engaging with the public, maximizing revenue opportunities, and building a better customer experience.

Parking software also makes it easy to monitor and identify residents in real time – a key component to eliminating overcrowding and improving the resident experience. By identifying vehicles consistently parked on your property, you can easily see which residents have valid passes and which ones do not. This visibility reduces overcrowding and frees up space for visitors and guests of your residents.

Suppose an employee has to switch vehicles due to a change in their work commute (like getting a new job or moving into a different apartment). In that case, it’s as simple as updating their vehicle information in parking management software. This eliminates the need to store, track and maintain physical permits and allows employees to purchase daily tickets on the spot if needed.

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