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6 Common Business Sign Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

6 Common Business Sign Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When starting a small business, choosing the right signs for display is very important. You must be clear in your messaging to your customers and your employees.

However, signs can easily get confusing or misleading and can cause havoc within your office. Some common business sign mistakes can cause errors in how your company operates.

Your signs are talking to your customers, but are they comprehending the information?

Here are some basic tips on avoiding common business sign mistakes to stay on top of the game.

1. Lack of Visibility

If your sign isn’t easily visible, it won’t attract attention or serve its purpose. Avoid this mistake by considering business sign size, color, font, and contrast factors. Ensure that the sign is large enough to be seen from a distance and that the text is easily readable.

Use contrasting colors to make the sign stand out against its background. You can also place lighted channel letters to avoid the mistake of lack of visibility. With their vibrant colors and attention-grabbing glow, these illuminated letters enhance visibility and make your sign stand out even in dim lighting conditions.

2. Poor Design and Layout

A poorly designed sign can be unappealing and fail to convey your message effectively. Avoid cluttered designs, complex layouts, and confusing visuals. Instead, focus on simplicity and clarity. Choose a clean design that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics and values when installing business signs.

Limit the number of fonts used to maintain consistency and legibility. Select colors that complement your brand and provide sufficient contrast for easy readability. Ensure that the layout guides the viewer’s eyes smoothly from one element to another, clearly highlighting the most important information.

3. Inadequate Lighting

If your sign is properly lit, it may become effective, especially during nighttime. Avoid this mistake by considering the lighting conditions in the sign’s location. Choose appropriate lighting options, such as backlit signs, spotlights, or LED illumination, to ensure your sign always remains visible.

4. Misspelled Words or Grammar Errors

Signs with spelling mistakes or grammar errors can damage your business’s credibility. Always proofread your sign before finalizing the design and double-check for any errors. Having multiple people review the sign to catch any potential mistakes is a good idea.

5. Irrelevant Information

Including too much information or unrelated details on your sign can overwhelm viewers and dilute your message. To avoid this mistake, focus on the key information you want to convey. This typically includes your business name, logo, contact details (such as phone number or website), and a clear call to action if applicable (e.g., “Visit us today” or “Call now for a free consultation”).

6. Neglecting Sign Regulations and Permits

Many jurisdictions have signed regulations and permit requirements that you must comply with. Failing to adhere to these rules can result in fines or forced removal of your sign. Research and understand the sign regulations in your area before designing and installing your sign to ensure compliance.

Learn and Avoid Common Business Sign Mistakes

Common business sign mistakes can be costly and even detrimental to the success of a business. Creating and designing signs is an art, and just like any art form, there are common pitfalls that can be avoided with practice and patience.

Business owners should remember to pride in the overall look and feel of their business sign while considering the importance of design elements such as fonts, colors, sizing, and layout. Investing in quality signs can ensure a positive return on investment.

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