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6 Common Errors in Commercial Moves and How to Avoid Them

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Moving is stressful no matter which property you’re relocating to. If you’re moving your business, though, the job becomes immensely more challenging.

A commercial move requires a lot more planning, not to mention more manpower. Because of this, you need to plan the move beforehand.

Planning the commercial move is just the first step, though. You also need to recognize common errors in commercial moves and how to prevent them.

But what errors should you be aware of? Read on, and we’ll walk you through the most common mistakes companies often make when moving their office.

1. Insufficient Planning

One of the worst mistakes that can be made when moving to a new office location is not planning enough. Without a well-thought-out plan, companies may encounter problems like delays, cost overruns, and trouble getting things done.

To avoid this mistake, planning the move early is important. Start by making a detailed list of what you need, including the size and type of the new room, the equipment you’ll need, and any legal or regulatory factors.

2. Inaccurate Inventory Assessment

Failing to assess your inventory accurately can result in problems such as inadequate packing supplies, transportation issues, or difficulties in setting up the new space.

To avoid this, you must take the time to conduct a thorough inventory check and determine what items will be moved, sold, or discarded. This will help you plan for the appropriate packing materials and ensure the new space can accommodate your assets.

3. Neglecting Communication

Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings among team members, movers, and stakeholders. To avoid this, maintain open lines of communication throughout the office moving process.

Establish a clear chain of command and designate a point person for all communication. You must also provide regular updates to everyone involved.

4. Inadequate Budgeting

A common mistake when moving a business is underestimating its cost. It’s essential to make a thorough budget that includes all costs. This includes packing supplies, transportation, labor, and equipment rentals.

Be sure also to think about hidden prices and things that may come up that you didn’t expect. Additionally, ask your movers about discounts that may exist. To ensure you get the best deal on your commercial move, work with a reputable company like Tri Star Moving Company.

5. Inadequate IT and Technology Planning

Failure to properly plan for relocating IT infrastructure and technology can result in significant downtime and disruptions to your business operations.

For this reason, you must create a comprehensive IT plan that outlines how the equipment will be safely disconnected, transported, and reconnected at the new location. Consider working with specialized IT professionals to ensure a seamless transition.

6. Lack of Employee Involvement and Preparation

Involving employees in the moving process is crucial for a successful transition. Neglecting to inform and prepare your staff can lead to resistance, low morale, and decreased productivity.

Keep employees informed about the move and provide training on new processes or technologies. You must also address any concerns or questions they may have.

Avoid These Common Errors in Commercial Moves

Moves can be complicated, especially when it’s a commercial one. Taking time to research your needs properly and preparing sufficiently beforehand can help you avoid mistakes and make your move a success.

Planning and discussing the details with your movers are the best ways to avoid common errors in commercial moves. Don’t wait for problems to occur – plan and make your commercial move a smooth one!

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