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Credibility and Bonuses of Aron Group Broker

Credibility and Bonuses of Aron Group Broker

Aron Groups: A Reliable Brokerage with Maximum Traders Satisfaction

The Aron Group has been operating as a broker since 2020 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Like many other brokers in this region, it is considered an offshore broker. Aron Market Company (Limited Liability) operates under the laws of the Marshall Islands with license number 118046. This broker offers a variety of awards and bonuses to its traders. Also, it provides 4 different types of trading accounts for different types of traders. In this article, we are going to review the credibility and bonuses of the Aron Groups.

Where Is the Headquarters of the Aron Groups?

Aron Groups Broker is a subsidiary of Aron Market Company, which currently operates in several different business sectors. Aron Group has official business offices all over the world. It was registered in 2020 with FSA St. Vincent. The address of Aron Market Company (Limited Liability) is in Marshall Islands, Majuro City, Agiltek Road No. MH96960. The office of Aron Market Company (Limited Liability Company) is at Agios Athanasios Street, Building D. Warchemis is number 4102.

The Types of Accounts Offered in Aron Groups Broker

The Aron Group offers 4 different types of trading accounts for different types of traders. Every trader can choose the one based on their trading preferences. These accounts are as follows:

  • Standard account: This type of account is intended for professionals, and according to the broker, the best trading conditions are included in this account. The minimum required deposit is 50 USD. The trading leverage in this account is 1:500, and it is possible to trade the abovementioned and international symbols
  • Nano account: It is suitable for people who are looking for an account with a small capital, and the minimum deposit is 1 USD. Leverage 1:1000 is provided, and the account has no annual interest. The international symbols are also without swap, and commission is not received only in Bitcoin, gold, and euro transactions
  • VIP account: This type of account is recommended for people who are looking for high-volume transactions. Also, to preserve more capital, the trading leverage has been reduced to 1:200. The minimum deposit is 1,000 USD. Also, 10% annual interest is added to your account balance
  • Cash account: It is recommended for people who are interested in keeping trades open for a long time; the probability of margin call in this account is low. The minimum deposit is 500 USD, and the dollar leverage is 1:1. 2% annual dollar interest is added to your account balance. It should be noted that the swap and commission received for the accounts are variable and based on the market conditions, and the swap will be deducted on all days of the week

What Makes Aron Groups Distinct from Other Brokers?

Brokers are, in fact, intermediaries between traders around the world and enable trading by creating a buying/selling platform. Aron Groups Broker is a reliable forex broker that has attracted more than 37,000 traders from all over the world.

Aron Group’s broker is regulated and accredited. It has close to zero spreads, especially on the euro-dollar and gold-dollar pairs. It offers its customers the possibility of trading more than 500 markets, including currency pairs, shares of large foreign companies, stock market index, oil and gold, and cryptocurrencies.

This broker also offers peace of mind to traders by supporting the negative accounts of its traders so that they can follow their trading strategies with focus and confidence and get the most profit from each transaction.

It has also made the most up-to-date trading platforms available to its customers. Aron Group’s broker is the first offer for people who want to have safe and profitable transactions.

What Is Meant by a Bonus in Forex?

Cash and non-cash rewards that brokers offer to their users in the form of bonuses are called bonuses. Bonuses are usually awarded to users for various reasons, such as competition, turnover, welcome, and account deposits. Now that you understand what is a bonus in forex? It is much better to check the bonus status of any broker before signing up.

Aron Groups Awards and Bonuses

Aron Groups Awards and Bonuses

Aron Group’s broker is a newly established broker that started its work in 2020. Focusing on attracting Iranian traders, this brokerage has moved towards providing attractive and useful trading services, including providing various incentive bonuses.

Mostly, bonuses and bonuses in Aron Groups broker are added to your account in cash, but these bonuses are usually non-withdrawal. It means that you can only trade with that money, and you will not be allowed to withdraw it. In the following, we will examine the status of promotions, contests, and awards of Aron Group Broker.

The Welcome Bonus

One of the important bonuses of Aron Group Broker is the welcome bonus. In this scheme, all traders who have recently joined Aron Group Broker can receive a gift of 25% of their first deposit. The minimum deposit amount to use this plan is $25. This bonus will be added as a credit to the trader’s Nano, Standard, and VIP accounts.

The Infinity Bonus

With the infinity bonus, you get a 10% bonus for every deposit! The minimum deposit amount for the Infinity Bonus is $25, and the credit limit is up to $750. This bonus is active for VIP, Standard, and Nano accounts.

The Rock & Roll Bonus

Trade three symbols monthly with zero swap commission and low spread in the Rock and Roll plan. This bonus is monthly, and the symbols that are announced every month will be presented from the first day of each month until the end of the same month with the specified specifications. Commissions and swaps will be zero for these symbols, and their spreads will also be significantly reduced. This plan is active for standard, cash, and VIP trading accounts.

The Bonus in Terms of Support for Negative Accounts

This bonus is for accounts that have reached the stop-out or are in a negative balance. Aron Groups Broker returns 20% of the first deposit to these accounts. The minimum deposit to receive this promotion is $100.

Price Prediction Contest

$500 prize for correctly predicting the price! This contest is such that weekly, the broker announces a symbol, and the participants must correctly guess the close price of the announced symbol to win this prize.

Steps to Receive Your Aron Group Bonuses

It is very easy to get a bonus from the Aron Group broker. You first need to see which bonus is currently active in this broker. To do this, go to the “Special Offer” tab and go to the bonuses section of the site. Now, if you want to use the bonuses, you must first have seen the registration training in Aron Groups Broker. After registration, you need authentication to be able to use all the facilities and bonuses of the site.

The process of getting a bonus in this brokerage is not a complicated issue. After you choose your bonus type, you must fully accept its rules. Then, you can activate your bonus through the support of the site. Follow the steps below to receive Aron Group’s broker bonus:

The rules for receiving each bonus and how to use it are very different. When you want to receive a bonus, be sure to read its rules file completely. Bonuses are usually automatically credited to the customer’s account after choosing the bonus and coordinating with the site’s support. According to the existing protocol, the bonus will be credited to your account, usually without you having to do anything.

Reap the Bonuses at Aron Group

Even though Aron Group is a newly established, regulated broker, it has tried to attract the positive opinion of users by offering bonuses and rewards. The various bonuses this brokerage offers cover a wide range, such as deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, broker change bonuses, etc. Each of these bonuses may have different conditions on different dates.

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