Home Business Grand Canyon University: Accreditation, Rankings, and Athletics

Grand Canyon University: Accreditation, Rankings, and Athletics

Grand Canyon University: Accreditation, Rankings, and Athletics

The Grand Canyon is one of the oldest private institutions in America, having been established 73 years ago. The Phoenix Business Journal named Grand Canyon University the largest Christian university globally in 2018. The university is currently on non-profit status after approval by the Higher Learning Commission.

If you plan to enroll yourself or a loved one in Grand Canyon, you probably want to know if it’s accredited, its rankings, and what athletics you can play. Here’s a short guide.


To join a college, you should know if it’s accredited and by whom. Accreditation can affect your employment likelihood and credit transfers. According to the Higher Learning Commission, Grand Canyon University has been accredited since 1968. HLC accreditation is not a one-time process but regular and ongoing.

The HLC Grand Canyon University accreditation team accredited the Christian institution after reviewing aspects such as organizational effectiveness, university integrity, and financial stewardship. Grand Canyon University accreditation is also program-specific. For example, the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) has accredited nursing programs at GCU.


Ranking data could help you know a school’s academic performance compared to other institutions. The U.S News & World Report has ranked GCU as a national university in the Tier 2 category. An alternative ranking website, Washington Monthly, ranked GCU as number 183 in social mobility and 248 in service. GCU has a graduation rate of 36%.


GCU joined NCAA Division 1 in 2012. Some athletics teams include volleyball and basketball, which are part of the Grand Canyon Antelopes. The athletics teams are open for the 20,000 students who study on campus.

GCU is one of the largest non-profit schools in the U.S and possibly the largest Christian University in the world by enrolment. The majority of the courses are offered online. It’s accredited as an institution and for its programs. If you’re debating whether to join the institution, perhaps it’s time to stop second-guessing.

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