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How Your Phone Can Help Manage Your Business

by Snehal Tanwar
Phone Can Help Manage Your Business

Where’s your phone? In your pocket? On your desk? Maybe you’re reading this article on it right now? Smartphones have become an undeniable, ever-present part of our lives. We are attached to our phones for better… and worse. So, being a constant part of our lives, it’s important to ask how your phone can help you manage your business without taking over your life.

1. Have a ‘work’ phone

In this day and age, we’re never far from our phones. Whereas in the past, you’d clock out at 5 pm and leave work far behind you, now with your calls and emails going straight to your pocket – it’s nearly impossible to ‘get away from it all.’

This is can become a problem because, as we know, a work-life balance is essential to your mental health and wellbeing. As much as possible, you want to keep your work life and your personal life separate. The last thing you want is for a work email to pop up while you’re trying to film your nephew blowing out the candles at his birthday party or for your phone to be blowing up with Instagram notifications while you’re trying to make an important business call.

Two phones will help keep you focused on work at work and home at home – whilst giving you the ability to switch between the two at a moment’s notice. Read more about the benefits here.

2. Download productivity apps

Now that you’ve got a separate work phone you’ll want to make sure you keep it simple and easy to manage, after all, your phone is meant to be working for you not against you.

Download the mobile versions of the apps you work on – such as the Office and Google suites. Organise your home screen to feature your most important or most-used apps so when you unlock your phone, you are able to see all your important notifications at once. You might also want to download some apps to improve your workflow or productivity. To learn more about which productivity apps have been specifically designed to help keep small business owners on track, check out this article.

3. Link you work email to your personal phone – but turn off notifications

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We are big proponents of work-life balance but it’s true that sometimes you just have to check in with the office. This is especially important if you are a business owner who has invested time, money and energy into building a business – you can’t be expected to just switch off that part of your brain when you’re at home.

Manage your responsibilities whilst respecting your work-life balance by linking your work email account to your personal phone – but turn the notifications off! This way you’ll be able to check your emails a couple of times a day keeping you connected to the goings-on at your company whilst preserving your personal time.

Remember this is a great option if you are your own boss but, if you’re not, you’ll have to check with your workplace security team about whether you are permitted to access work emails on a personal device.

4. Take advantage of mobile banking

Nowadays, most people use mobile banking to easily manage their personal finances but the apps for managing your business accounts are just as simple to use. The benefits of mobile banking and being able to manage your bank accounts, share portfolio, super and invoicing with just a few swipes on your smartphone cannot be overstated. For more information about mobile banking and the different tools and apps on the market, head here.

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