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How to Make a Commercial Office Building More Energy Efficient

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If you’re a commercial real estate investor, keeping your office building energy efficient is essential. Most companies measure their total annual energy use as well as the amount of renewable energy they use. Their efforts usually focus on saving the most money by using less energy.

And yet, the best strategy for saving money is to focus on energy efficiency first, then focus on reducing energy use.

To learn more about how to make a commercial office building more energy efficient, keep reading.

Use Better Lights

Swap old bulbs for new ones that use less energy, like LED lights. They last longer and save up to 80% more power. Add motion sensors or timers to control lights in empty rooms.

Get more natural light by placing workspaces near windows and using shiny materials. Remind everyone to turn off lights when they’re not needed. Also, try using smaller lamps for personal tasks.

Improve Air Systems

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) eat a lot of energy. Keep HVAC systems working well and replace dirty filters. Use smart thermostats to set temperatures based on office hours.

Seal gaps around windows and doors to stop energy leaks. If you can, get HVAC units that use less energy and work better.

Get Renewable Energy

Harness clean and green energy for your commercial office building. Install solar panels on the roof to make your own electricity. Check if wind turbines or geothermal systems could work for you.

Renewable energy means less reliance on traditional power sources and potential savings through government incentives.

Smart Energy Management

Get smart with energy management systems. They let you monitor and control energy use in real-time. Smart sensors and automation can adjust lighting, HVAC, and more based on occupancy and conditions.

Use data from energy monitoring to find areas to improve. Connect energy management with building automation for efficiency and easier maintenance.

Commercial Window Tinting

Installing commercial window tinting helps reduce heat transfer through windows, minimizing the need for excessive cooling during hot seasons. It also blocks harmful UV rays, protecting furniture and flooring from fading.

Additionally, window tinting provides privacy and reduces glare, creating a more comfortable working environment for employees. Choose tinting options that meet energy-efficient standards and consult with professionals to ensure proper installation and maximum benefits.

Teach Good Habits

Make saving energy a team effort. Teach employees to turn off computers when not using them and to use power-saving settings. Show them how to use office equipment wisely.

Encourage carpooling or using public transportation. Give rewards for eco-friendly choices. Share goals and successes to keep everyone excited.

Make Your Commercial Office Building More Energy Efficient

Making a commercial office building more energy efficient can result in a number of long-term cost savings, enhanced sustainability efforts, and improved workplace health and safety. To learn more, consider speaking to an energy audit contractor to identify the proper strategies that create a win-win situation for the company and the environment. Act today to make the most of energy efficiency opportunities.

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