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Packaging Your Custom Gift Products To Increase Sales

by sambit

If you manufacture gift items that compete for space and attention on store shelves, your packaging must be as enticing as the product in it. These are some suggestions to help inspire customers to purchase your custom product and gift tags Portland OR.

Match the Color

People naturally respond to color, and many marketing professionals consider color’s impact on buying decisions. Whether you manufacture quirky novelty items or luxury products, your packaging’s color will convey one of its first impressions to potential consumers.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Keep your product’s name and its description concise and to the point. Your packaging should immediately show the buyer what the item can do and how to use it. Relevant images can also inspire a mood or emotions to help your product stand out. Carefully curated visual concepts are preferable to lengthy text descriptions.

Know Your End-User

Packaging can help a gift buyer decide to purchase your product. If the intended recipient is a child, you will want your packaging to communicate playfulness and fun. Alternatively, if your product is gender-neutral, avoid images or words that may alienate part of your market. For example, if you manufacture gift tags, consider clean, elegant fonts in shades of colors like green, orange or red, which are bold and festive without being overly feminine or masculine.

Understand Your Display Options

Before investing in packaging for your gift item, it is critical to understand and determine how to best display your product. For example, if a retailer will display your gift tags or bookmarks on a kiosk, your packaging must accommodate the slots’ dimensions in which they will fit. Instead of a unique shape, it is better to focus on eye-catching graphics.

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When you invest in manufacturing a great gift product, carefully considering its packaging can ensure its success.

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