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6 Ways To Tackle A Last-Minute Move

by sambit
How to pack for a move in one day

When it comes to a last-minute move, every second count. There is not much difference in preparing for a long-distance move or a local move since the main task in both cases is packing. But the factor that really matters here is preparation and planning. Unfortunately, in the last minute move neither do you have time to plan nor prepare. So, it is advised that you pay attention to the tiny details and read the tips we have enlisted in this post.

How to pack for a move in one day

Hire a professional

The best way to handle a last-minute move is with the help of professionals who provide both packing and moving services. However, make sure you hire the right people. In other words don’t look for cheap options, a company that will not take the estimation of your belongings, and someone who asks for money before the move has even begun. There are several moving companies out there and the genuine ones have a directory and official registry. You can look at them online and hire the best company to do both packing and moving for you. A professional moving company like movers NYC will not only help you pack quickly but with precision and skills. So, make sure you make a wise choice before packing everything all by yourself.

Sell or donate the unnecessary things

The less you pack, the quicker you will finish. And with a last-minute move, it is wise to donate or sell the unnecessary items. For example, a few pairs of clothes you don’t wear any longer, the old TV in the basement, broken kitchen electronics and a lot more. All these can be easily donated or sold online. You can start with your closet, take out all the things you don’t need and then check each room for the items you don’t require any longer. I am sure there is a hundred percent possibility that you will find something to either donate or sell.

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Once you have sorted the pile, drop off your donations and try to sell the rest of the items to your neighbor or friends. This will also help you earn a little money that you might need on the road. So don’t waste even a second and immediately start separating the non-essentials from the essentials.

Don’t waste time on preparing a moving list

The time to prepare the list has passed away. Now you can either start filling up the boxes as soon as possible or hire a professional to do all your work. Like I have mentioned in the first point. But if your budget does not allow you to hire a mover, make sure that you don’t waste your time on preparing a list of all the things that need to be moved. In fact, be smart and label the boxes quickly so that you are aware which box belongs to the kitchen and which box is filled with your clothes.

This suggestion is specifically for last-minute movers because you don’t have much time left in your hands. For instance, even if you started packing at 11:00 P.M. At night, it is likely that you will not finish by 7:00 A.M. in the morning. Especially when the movers have already arrived at your doorstep. So, make sure you start packing immediately without giving anything else a second thought.

Forget sorting and start packing

As I mentioned earlier time is running out of your hands. So, forget about the box themes and packing in order. Just grab your stuff and start keeping them in the boxes. But make sure everything is packed safely because you can’t mix heavy electronics with fragile items. If you mix things some will surely end up in a poor condition by the end of the move. To save yourself from the confusion, here’s what you can do. Pack room by room because this way you will be able to pack the fragile items separately. More vitally don’t forget to label each box. For example, labels like room no 1, kitchen, bathroom, should do justice to your packing.

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Use hangers

This is one of the best ways to keep clothes secure and wrinkle-free. In fact, even if your clothes are lying everywhere in the room, you don’t have to take out extra time to fold the clothes. Just make sure that you have enough hangers and start hanging as many clothes as possible before they go directly inside the box. Not only this but you can also create extra space by hanging the hangers inside the box. The unused part of the box can be used for keeping shoes, bags, and accessories. In the end, you will save money by buying fewer boxes and packing more without causing any damage to the belongings.

Pack a moving essentials bag

Amidst the packing chaos, you will forget a lot of important things. So, it is best advised that you first pack an essentials bag and keep it safe. You can add medicines, vital documents, a couple of changes, toiletries, a charger, and maybe a few snacks for the road. This bag will be your lifesaver and an essentials bag is something you have to pack even before you start packing the rest of the house. While you might think that packing an essentials bag is not necessary it might just be the only thing that you might need during the move.

First, because a last-minute move will bring a lot of chaos and stress and you will forget most of the things. Second, an essentials bag contains all the important things and third, this bag is a godsend for people who do everything at the last minute. So, if you keep all these things in mind you will be able to have a successful last-minute move. However, it is advised that you do not leave anything for the last moment and start packing weeks ahead of the move. At least this way you will stay organized and stress-free.

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