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The Different Types of Firewood


Many types of firewood are available, but the pear tree is the most common. It does not produce edible fruit; its wood is dense, heavy, and clean-burning. It is also a pest. Avoid buying pear wood if you don’t want to eat the resulting residue.

Ash is the best hardwood to burn.

In the woods, ash is the best hardwood to burn because it produces a steady flame and excellent heat output. Ash is a type of hardwood that can be burned alive and dead. During the dry season, ash retains its low moisture content and is the most efficient firewood. Ash can be classified as European, American, and blue ash. It is commonly used for making tool handles, furniture, and wooden frames.

Birch is the most versatile.

As far as Cutting Edge Firewood goes, birch is one of the most popular and readily available. It is a fast-burning hardwood that produces about 20 million BTUs per cord. The bark is paper-like and contains oils, making it flammable. It works better as a fire starter than a newspaper. While the birch firewood has a good flame, it doesn’t like coal-like oak or ash. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor fires.

Hard maple is the densest.

The density of wood is a vital property when you are burning it, as the heavier the wood, the more heat it will release. The densest wood for a fire is oak, hard maple, or ash. Hardwoods are dense compared to softwoods, and woods from conifers tend to be less dense. Therefore, some firewood dealers sell mixed hardwood, which may not be desirable depending on the proportion of low-density trees in the mixture.

Hazel is a common softwood to burn.

Hazel is a softwood that can be used to make various products, including firewood. This tree grows in the British Isles and is related to pear, apple, and cherry trees. Hazelwood is dense and fine-textured, and its branches are often twisted. Because hazel is so dense, it is difficult to split or saw, making it a valuable wood for stakes. Hazel is also easy to burn, making it an ideal softwood to burn for a variety of purposes.

Black walnut is the best wood for low smoke.

If you want to start a fire with low smoke, try black walnut. It’s hard to find, but you can forage it from a fallen tree. Black walnut produces very little smoke, very few sparks, and good heat. Try black walnut if you’re looking for a soft smoke wood that will hold shut. But you should split it first before you start burning it. You can use a moisture meter to gauge its moisture content or burn it as soon as it dries.

Bradford pear

If you have a wood fireplace, you may be wondering: What is Bradford pear firewood? Bradford pear trees are 60 feet tall and have an unusual vertical split. The wood is relatively complex and dense. Once properly seasoned, a section of a Bradford pear tree will yield at least one cord of wood. You should use this word sparingly because it can be a source of respiratory infections and flu.


Larch is one of the most common types of wood to burn in a fireplace. This type of wood is easy to light and burns quickly, but it is more prone to ash buildup, so you may have to refuel more frequently; therefore, it is best used outdoors. Because of its high sap content, larch is best mixed with other types of firewood. Larch is one of the harder woods used in bridge construction throughout Europe.


While it isn’t a hardwood, poplar burns well. It produces little sap and resin, making it easy to split. It has little heat but is a good choice for small fireplaces. A great way to test poplar is to take a small piece and weigh it. A food scale with a 500g capacity works well.

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