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Things To Consider While Choosing Guardrail Systems

by Snehal Tanwar
Guardrails protect your workers from sudden injuries and fall

Industrial areas are often prone to accidents. This is why the authorities establish some strict guidelines to make sure the workers working in the area are safe and secured. One major security aspect all companies must consider is guardrail systems. Maintaining workplace safety requires you to install things like protective equipment, slip-resistant walkways, and floor marking machinery.

Guardrails protectyour workers from sudden injuries and fall, so they should be durable enough. Here are a few things to consider while making your choice.

Compliance And Regulations

When it comes to industrial fall-protection, few regulations are applicable. Government and local authorities require employers to provide safe guardrail systems that can prevent workers from falling. If your industrial setting consists of open space, roof, loading dock, or mezzanine, you need to find out a way to prevent people from falling.

So you must keep the guidelines in mind and abide by them strictly; otherwise, it may lead to non-compliance and a substantial fine. Apart from location and size, you need to ensure the railing are safe and meets all the safety standards.

Permanent Vs. Removable Guardrails

Another essential factor to consider while using guardrail systems is how long you need to use them for. Temporary guardrails generally have a clamp-on mechanism, and they do not drill directly into the structure. Permanent guardrails are more durable, secure, and stable, but they are also expensive and take an extended amount of time to set up. Besides, without making significant alterations to these, you lose the reusability factor.

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A temporary solution will work best for you if you need the railing only for a few months. You can also use a temporary option for a long-term project, in case the finished product will not require a proper guardrail set-up.

Ease Of Installation

Temporary guardrail systems are easy to install, and you don’t need to drill them into the rooftop materials or the flooring. This saves you a considerable amount of installation cost and time. Such systems have clamps that swivel into place, locking onto the edges of the structure.

Even if a permanent solution is what you desire, it is good to have flexible fall protection whenever and wherever you need it. Today, there are portable guardrail systems available on the market, and you can re-assemble and dismantle these as required, resulting in a greater degree of mobility.

Guardrail Systems

Things To Consider While Choosing Guardrail Systems

Guardrail Purpose

The purpose for which you’ll be using the guardrails is a crucial factor to consider. Consider whether you need them for forklifts or pallet jacks. It would help if you also have an idea about the level of traffic in the industrial area to pick the best guardrails.

If there is only pedestrian traffic in the area, then you should go with durable guardrails but to safeguard your machinery, you can do with a few lightweight railings without any issue. Be sure to discuss what you need with the experts so they can suggest the best guardrail systems after inspecting the warehouse.

Right Measurement

You must consider the length and height of guardrail systems by measuring the area where you plan to install them. You can get in touch with a professional guardrail installation company if you are not certain about it. For instance, you should install sturdy guardrails around heavy machinery and the forklift lane, but a conveyor only needs a single barrier around it.

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Wrapping It Up

Keeping the workers safe is a primary concern for every business owner and investing in a durable and robust guardrail system can give you peace of mind when a contractor or employee is working on the roof.

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