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Tips for Valuing Your Employees

Tips for Valuing Your Employees

Although artificial intelligence may be driving fear into the hearts of many workers whose jobs seem to be affected by this technology, human employees are here to stay. Machine learning has a long way to go before it can replicate the value of a person’s creativity, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.

The Great Resignation that took place in the last few years demonstrated that many workers were unimpressed with the positions they were in. Various causes could be at fault, such as poor pay or burnout from repetitious work. But perhaps the most common reason why people voluntarily left their jobs was due to feeling undervalued by their employers.

Retaining employees is a far more cost-effective way to run a company than constantly hiring new workers to replace those who have moved on. High turnover is disastrous for a culture and it rarely yields the most productive teams. With that being said, knowing some tips for valuing your employees could improve retention rates and increase efficiency within the company.

A Mindset Shift

Many executives simply have the wrong mindset about their workers. They might view them as tools to achieve a business goal rather than individuals with gifts and ideas. Adjusting your perception of workers can improve your relationship with them. Take the time to get to know them personally so you can see what motivates them. Ask about their professional and personal aspirations when appropriate. Simply learning about them as individuals shows them that you value your team members. Plus, it can reveal helpful information as to how you can effectively lead them. View them as individuals with a lot to offer the organization, not as cogs in the company machine.

Optimized Working Environment

Getting the best out of your people often means making sure they are set up to do so. The setup of the working environment plays a significant role in their ability to work efficiently. Maybe you could look at the cost of L-shaped computer desks to create a better space for their equipment. A more open floor plan encourages communication and accessibility of management personnel. Break rooms with high-quality amenities can help employees rest and reset during the day so they can devote more energy. An optimized working environment communicates value to the employees because it shows you care about their needs.

Open-Door Policies

Having an open-door policy does not mean that you answer every whim of the people working under you. What it actually means is encouraging communication between employees and yourself. Employee recognition program help to accept feedback, ideas, and questions that your workers and employees are more willing to approach you with these concerns or ideas, which fosters a better relationship between management and workers. An open-door policy shows that you value the thoughts and opinions of employees and believe that they, too, have a stake in the company.

An open-door policy sends a clear message that you value your employees’ thoughts and opinions, recognizing that they too have a stake in the company’s success. To further enhance communication, consider integrating in-person or online team-building activities into your monthly work meetings. Companies like Escapely offer a variety of interactive games that facilitate coworker communication, problem-solving, and enjoyable interactions.

Gifts and Incentives

Keeping employees motivated should be a priority for your internal culture. Uninspired workers produce uninspired work. However, giving them rewards for good work and encouraging innovation through incentives, such as an employee recognition program, will improve the mindset of team members since they know that good work will not go unrecognized. A simple employee-of-the-month program with benefits that come with it can work wonders for morale. Perhaps you can give away branded tote bags to all employees at a holiday party to demonstrate your appreciation for them. If you’re thinking about gifts for your employees, electronic accessories are a practical choice that will be much appreciated. Items like power banks, mounts, or cables can make their everyday work more efficient and are sure to be valued additions to their office toolkit. Consider looking into the range of electronic accessories from Statik for high-quality and reliable options that will not only enhance their productivity but also show your appreciation for their hard work. Gifting electronic accessories can be a great way to support your team in their day-to-day tasks and make their work experience more enjoyable. Even a short blurb in the company newsletter about an individual who exceeded expectations can prove to the team that you want to reward their contributions with gifts and recognition. As a result, workers will feel valued by the company and want to stick around.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Nothing ruins a relationship between a worker and their employer more than unfair pay or benefits. It shows the worker that their skills are not valued by the company, nor is their time. An improved pay structure that is competitive within the market for their position shows that you understand what they bring to the company. Additionally, unique benefits like fitness incentives prove your commitment to the wellness of your employees. Build a pay structure and benefits package that entices new candidates and retains current employees.

If Employees Don’t Feel Valued, You Are Doing Something Wrong

At the end of the day, workers and employers need each other. It can be easy for a massive power dynamic to form, and although you may have more authority within the company, that does not mean you can treat your workers as less than yourself. What they bring to the organization is incredibly valuable, even if the difference in salary does not reflect that.

Making sure workers feel valued should be one of your top priorities as a business leader. Adopting some of the changes above will help you communicate how important individuals are to the company, resulting in greater retention and a more productive team.

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