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How to Become a Voice Actor

by sambit
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If you’re into podcasts, audiobooks, or radio programs, then you might have thought about becoming a voice actor. You might even have a favorite voice actor you can quickly recognize from animated movies or shows to inspire you. Becoming a voice actor takes hard work, just like any other career, and is often similar to traditional acting roles. Whether you want to be the star of a new animated film or just do commercial voice over work, there’s a few things you need to know before diving into the trade.


Voice actors are typically known for their smooth, pleasing voices or their ability to portray a number of unique characters. To be successful as a voice actor, you’ll need to read scripts smoothly and without error while also making it interesting to listen to. If you’re portraying a character, you need to give it every ounce of umph you would in a film acting job. This job isn’t just reading books or reciting lines; it’s making stories come alive.

Technical Skills

Unless you make it big and start working for studios, odds are you’ll be doing your own producing as you get work. This means you need a professional set up for recording and editing your audio. Many people splurge to build a home studio that’s soundproofed to avoid background noise, but you can find ways to produce quality audio for less cost. For example, you can glue a mattress pad into a large plastic container and set your mic inside for a makeshift sound studio.

You’ll also need some type of audio mixing software so you can edit your takes and add any necessary effects. Some of these are free, but the higher end ones usually require a fee. The better audio you can produce, the more jobs you can get as you build your portfolio.

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