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Everything You Need to Know About Working a Remote Job

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An important factor to consider when looking for a job is its location. Yet, that isn’t the case with a remote job. Remote work or telecommuting positions offer many benefits like allowing you the freedom to work from anywhere.

While this type of job may seem like a dream come true it can be helpful to know what it takes to be successful in a remote job. If you are looking to try out a new remote work arrangement this article is for you. Here is everything you need to know about working a remote job.

Have a Dedicated Home Office

One of the number one rules for having a remote job is having a home office. While some home offices won’t have a traditional set-up don’t be afraid to look around you for a space to use. You can use a spare bedroom, a walk-in closet, or a coworking space near you to get the job done.

The main thing to think about when looking to create a home office is setting yourself in an environment where you will be able to focus. When you work from home you want a dedicated space where you can feel motivated and handle your day-to-day work.

You also want your home office to be in a place that’s quiet. While some people with a remote job can work comfortably from a local coffee shop, others cannot. You want to make sure there are healthy boundaries established and a dedicated home office can take care of that for you.

The Right Office Equipment Is Key

With a remote job, another key to your success will come from your home office equipment. One of the most vital pieces of office equipment will be your internet.

When you work from home you have to have a stable internet connection. If you have the option, it’s best to be hard-wired to your computer or laptop by way of an ethernet cord.

You also want to make sure you have a fast enough internet connection. This will allow you to handle downloading large files, video conferencing, and having many devices connected to the internet.

Another piece of office equipment that is vital for your remote job is a laptop. It has a wide variety of versatile laptops that can help you get the job done right. Having a reliable laptop can make remote work easier.

The next piece of office equipment that is necessary for a remote job is a quality headset. You can choose from a wired headset or a wireless one. It is important to note that wireless headsets must be changed often. If you were to ever forget to charge your headset it could leave you unable to do your work.

You want to make sure your headset is comfortable and compatible with your other office equipment. For an added benefit, look for headphones that are noise-canceling. This will give you more freedom to work your remote job in places other than your home.

One last office equipment item you will need for your remote job is a comfortable chair. When working from home you will be sitting down a lot. You want to invest in a chair that provides great back support. The right chair can help improve your posture and reduce stiff muscles during work.

It Benefits to Over-Communicate

When you are doing remote work it is beneficial to over-communicate. When communicating over chat or email things may not be as obvious as in person. So, it can be helpful to over-explain what you mean or any thoughts you may have.

You also want to let your team members and managers know how and when they can reach you. In a remote job, team members can spread across many different time zones.

Communication is a big part of productivity and if it isn’t done efficiently it can lead to problems. Understanding how and when you should communicate yields the best results.

When working from home you also want to consider the best approach for your communication style. Sometimes to get a problem taken care of quickly a phone call could be better than an email or IM. A good rule of thumb is to use your best judgment given the situation.

Even in a remote job you want to be prompt in returning phone calls, emails, and voicemails. When you are working remotely, time is of the essence. You want to make sure your response time isn’t delaying the work of your colleagues.

With that being said having proper expectations outlined can help avoid this issue. The most important thing to remember is to try and keep your communication habits like those that you would follow in an office.

Take Scheduled Breaks

When working from home losing track of time can be easy. Yet it still is very important for you to take scheduled breaks. It can be easy to forego your breaks and work right through them but that is not how you achieve success when working from home.

To help you remember to take breaks can set an alarm for every hour. You can stretch or take a quick walk around your home. You also want to take your lunch away from your desk as this can help you not work through your lunch break.

Find Your Balance

Having a remote job is about finding a balance between a normal day at the office compared to a workday at home. It can take a while for you to find your balance especially if you are new to working from home. If there ever comes a point where you feel like you are on a remote island you are off-balance.

Chat tools and videoconferencing will allow you to connect and collaborate with your team. Using video can helps form those interpersonal relationships with your colleagues. It makes you feel more connected all while working in different locations.

Setting up one-on-one check-ins can be another great way to make sure you are still feeling connected. You also want to make sure to protect your time. As you work from home the lines between home life and work life can get blurred.

Setting up “in” office hours with concrete start and finish times will help you avoid overworking. This is especially true for people who are night owls and want to work through the night to get things done. While it can be harder to leave work alone when you work from home but it’s super important that you do.

Being successful in your remote job is all about finding a balance.

Develop a Process That Works for You

One last tip for working a remote job is to develop a process that works for you. The best way to do that is by first understanding the remote work policies of your employers. Once you understand them you can develop your own process that will align with those policies.

Another part of developing your own process is understanding what is expected of you. You can do this by connecting with your manager and colleagues first. You want to have a clear idea of the best ways to communicate and prioritize your workload. Doing this will allow you to develop your processes to achieve your metrics.

The worst thing you can do in a remote job is to make assumptions. Ask questions to help create processes that will work for you and your company. For example, how does your company want you to share and store files? Knowing information like this will contribute to the development of your daily processes.

As a final piece of advice for developing your work-from-home process, make sure that you have a place to notate your work progress. There is a certain level of trust and anatomy given when you work remotely.

You want to make sure that your colleagues and managers understand how your work is contributing to the success of the organization as a whole.

Remote Work Made Simple

Working a remote job is simple. For starters, dedicated office space and the right equipment will step you up for success. You should also strive to overcommunicate, find your balance, and leverage self-care when needed. This is how you make your dreams come true when you work from home.

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