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Set Your New Hires Up for Success: 5 Secrets of New Employee Training

by sambit
secrets of new employee training

There is no question that today’s job market is highly competitive.

With unemployment rates high and on the rise, the demand for skilled employees continues to grow.

Hiring qualified candidates is only the first step to building a successful team. Once hired, preparing them for success comes next. This means proper training and onboarding.

These steps are essential in retaining new-hires as productive team members for years to come. To make your mark as a desirable employer, be sure that your company includes training, orientation, and onboarding for all new employees.

Here are a few insights that your new employee training plan should address.

New Employee Training

In 2018 63% of employers were seeking full-time team members. Anyone in a management position knows the importance of finding and retaining the right employees.

They also know that the resources required to train a new team member are a significant investment. Having a consistent approach for how to train new employees is an excellent way to protect that investment.

Consider incorporating these tried and true tips into your new employee training program.

Tips for Training New Employees

  1. Keep it simple, your new team member is already absorbing a lot of information
  2. Give them information to take that they can review
  3. Assign a peer to help with questions they may have
  4. Make sure to communicate to them the company goals, vision, and values
  5. Let them work, give them a task and make yourself available with frequent check-ins
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Be sure to include a lot of great company information in your new hire orientation. Building brand loyalty is as important for the back of the house as it is to the front of the house, so to speak.

New Employee Training Vs Onboarding

New employee training and orientation are great for introducing a lot of new information to your new hires. Orientation completes all the paperwork and handles other routine tasks associated with hiring, like payroll and tax information.

Though they tend to happen at the same time, onboarding is not the same as orientation.

Employee Onboarding

Studies have shown that for many companies, successful onboarding can take up to 12 months.

The purpose of onboarding is to introduce your new team member to your company’s culture. Here are some key ways to make that happen.

  • Be the host with the most, leave no question unanswered
  • Make connections, introduce them to the people that can help them succeed
  • Lunch is on you at this stage
  • Empower new employees with access to information they need
  • Be accessible

You may even want to consider outsourcing some of the work that goes into personnel staffing. If so, click here to learn more about hiring an HR firm to help you manage your new employee recruitment and management.

Ready to Wow Your Worker?

The importance of having stellar new employee training materials and opportunities can’t be overstated.

New hires are one of the most costly, and necessary, expenses of doing business. So taking the time to invest in a training program that will last is of the utmost importance.

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