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3 Tips for Your Next Job Interview

by sambit
Job Interview

With so many applicants flooding the workforce nowadays, it is more crucial than ever to interview well. Knowing the common pitfalls can help you avoid disaster. Here are some tips from career coaching services Washington DC on how to ace your next interview.

Dress to Impress

You should always come to an interview looking professional, regardless of what position you’re applying for. Put on a suit or dress, free of wrinkles or tears. Make sure your hair is neat and your nails are trimmed. While you should avoid flashy jewelry or makeup, modest cosmetics and accessories are a nice touch. Light fragrance is appropriate, but avoid dousing yourself in cologne or perfume.

Be Prepared

If you show up to an interview unprepared, your interviewer will know relatively quickly. It doesn’t bode well if you don’t know anything about the company or if you ask questions that you could find out on your own. Check the company’s site or social media pages to brush up on the organization’s history and mission. Be able to speak intelligently about the position and its requirements, which you should study beforehand. Bring your resume and cover letter with you, just in case the interviewer needs it. Also, have a pen and notepad handy for jotting down important information.

Be Friendly

It is important that the interviewer feels at ease with you during your discussion. If you have shifty eyes, if you are frowning or if you mumble with disinterest, your qualifications and experience may be disregarded. The interviewer is not only checking for competence but he or she also wants to ensure that you are a pleasant person to work with. Smile, make eye contact and speak with enthusiasm to prove you’re a likable candidate.

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Interviewing is not particularly enjoyable, but it is a necessary evil. With a few key tactics, you can be on the path to landing the job.

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