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Jeopardy Champion Amy Schneider Real Name, Wife, Age (June 2024)

Amy Schneider Before Surgery

Amy Schneider is the first transgender woman who got selected for the Tournament of Champions. This American engineering manager is also a Jeopardy’s quiz TV contestant. The main reason behind his popularity is for being one of the few trans people to attend the show.

Well, the fans of Amy Schneider Jeopardy already know that she is trans. But she had to fight a lot to live like a woman. She also married a woman but got divorced after a few years.

If you want to know more about Amy Schneider before surgery and after, then read the article below.

Real NameThomas E Schneider
Professional NameAmy Schneider
Date Of Birth29th May 1984
BirthplaceDayton OHIO, USA
Birth SignGemini
Height168 cm
Weight125 pounds
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net worth$ 100 Millions

Who Is Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider is an engineering manager who is also the first transgender woman who qualified for the tournament champion. Any Schneider is a regular contestant on the famous quiz tv show Jeopardy.

She achieved a lot of popularity and recognition from the TV show. To date, Any has expertly maintained herself to stand firm against other contestants. On 17th November 2021, she started her remarkable run and got the honour of being from the same time.

Additionally, Amy Schneider is the first women transgender who gathered more than 1 million dollars during the show. Generally, people prefer her for their unique style of answering questions.

Currently, Any has $1,382,800 from a more than 40-game streak. Now Amy is 4th highest-ever winner in the regular season and will also break Ken Jenning’s record.

What Is Amy Schneider’s Real Name

Amy Schneider has not revealed her birth name, which is only known to her family, friends, and other relatives. According to the sources, her real name is Thomas. There are some rumours about her real name being Amy, but this is her transitional name, and her real name is Thomas E Schneider.

Amy Schneider Height and Weight

Amy Schneider is 5 feet and 6 inches tall, which measures 168cm in centimeters. Her weight is 57kg and which measures 125 Ibs. She has the most attractive hair colour, blonde and blue eyes.

Amy Schneider’s Wife Genevieve Davis: A Private Life Beyond the Spotlight

Amy Schneider, a notable “Jeopardy!” champion, is married to Genevieve Davis. Schneider, known for her record-breaking streak on the quiz show, has been quite private about her personal life. However, she has occasionally shared about her relationship with Davis, especially after her “Jeopardy!” success brought her into the public eye. Details about their relationship, such as how they met or their life together, are not widely publicized, reflecting their preference for maintaining a certain level of privacy.

Amy Schneider maintains a private life away from the media spotlight. Little is publicly known about her personal or professional life, reflecting a preference for privacy. Her relationship with Schneider, however, has garnered attention, highlighting a supportive partnership. Davis remains a figure of interest mainly due to her connection with the famous game show champion.

Amy Schneider’s Background and Family History

Amy Schneider was born on 29th May 1980 in Dayton, Ohio. She was born as a male and his name was Thomas E Schneider. Her father used to work at Dayton Metro Library and she grew up with one brother John Schneider. She belongs to a well-educated family. She earned her bachelor’s degree in science from Dayton University.

Amy Schneider’s father died in 2016. She first lived her life being a male but once she realized herself to be transgender and divorced her wife. After that, she decided to liver her life as a lady.

Amy Schneider Career

Once, Amy Schneider started her career as a software engineer in a private company in San Francisco. After gaining experience, she left that job and started a new job as an engineering manager.

On 17th November 2021, she started her Jeopardy Steak and during that time, she defeated the five-day champion, Andrew. In an interview, she also said she is the second person in her family to complete Jeopardy Steak. Before Amy, her former brother-in-law took part in that same show.

She has won more than $1 million. This winning has made her the fifth winning contestant on that show and she is going to be the first transgender for the Tournament of Champions.

Amy Schneider Before Surgery

There are no photos of Amy Schneider Before Surgery. Because of her sexuality, she was once treated as a man. Her outer appearance was like that of a man; at the same time, people labeled her trans.

Amy Schneider then considers herself to go through surgery. After a successful surgery, she refers to herself as a woman. Apart from that, Amy also disclosed that she prefers to address herself as a woman.

amy schneider before surgery

amy schneider before surgery

amy schneider before surgery

Husband and Children

Amy Schneider, before surgery, was in a marriage to Kelly Anneken in 2004. They lived in Oakland, California. But this marriage did not last, as they got divorced in 2016. Even after the divorce, they remained as good friends. But now, Amy lives with her girlfriend, Genevieve Davis. They love each other and stay together.

Amy Schneider’s Net Worth

Amy Schneider is the most recent Jeopardy winner who has taken more than $100,000 from the show. She was the overall champion throughout the team’s week from November 13 to November 19. As per her history and LinkedIn profile, Amy makes enough and the primary source of her income is her salary. Amy Schneider has a net worth of $1 million and has an apartment to live in.


Apart from her engineering degree, Amy also has other skills. Amy made a successful entry in Jeopardy Steak and it was a dream for her. She had tried multiple times to come here, but she failed. Just stay tuned to Inspirebuddy to get new updates like this.

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