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Andrew Wiggins Wife and Girlfriend Rumor (May 2024)

Andrew Wiggins Wife

Andrew Wiggins is a well-known professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. Wiggins was selected as an NBA All-Star the year before and won an NBA championship with the Warriors. Furthermore, he was awarded the 2015 NBA Rookie of the Year title.

In NBA history, the 27-year-old is just the second foreign player from Canada to be chosen first overall. Despite the widespread belief, it is incorrect that Mychal Johnson is Andrew Wiggins’ wife. Wiggins has never had a spouse. His two children are raised by Mychal, who has been his long-term lover. We shall discuss the true identity of Mychal Johnson in this article.

Who Is Andrew Wiggins’ Wife?

Who Is Andrew Wiggins' Wife?

Wiggins is not a married man. Since 2013, an exceptional basketball player known for his skill on the court has been in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Mychal Johnson.

After many years of marriage, the pair still serves as an inspiration to a lot of young people who value their commitment to one another. Mychal Johnson is a beautiful and gifted lady who has supported Wiggins at his career’s highs and lows.

Wiggins and Mychal have occasionally shared glimpses of their life on social media despite maintaining a largely private relationship. These two adore each other and enjoy spending time together on cozy evenings and romantic outings.

Andrew Wiggins’ Girlfriend: Mychal Johnson

Mychal Johnson

Full NameMychal Johnson
Date of Birth21-Nov-95
BirthplaceHuntington, West Virginia, United States
Age27 years
Zodiac SignScorpio
Marital StatusDating
BoyfriendAndrew Wiggins
Height5 Feet 7 inches
Weight50 Kg
ProfessionBasketball player
Net WorthNA

Mychal Johnson, an Afro-American citizen of American descent, appears to be around the same age as her 27-year-old boyfriend Andrew Wiggins. This is as a result of their shared ethnic heritage.

She keeps the world from learning about her personal life, including the specifics of her family. Her full name is Mychal M. Johnson. She follows the teachings of Christianity.

As a University of Notre Dame basketball team member, Mychal represented the university. Her professional job is unknown to the public; however, her boyfriend is an NBA player for the Golden State Warriors.

When and How Did Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson First Meet Each Other?

Andrew Wiggins and Mychal Johnson First Meet

The two first met in 2013 while Mychal Johnson was attending Notre Dame and Andrew Wiggins was still a University of Kansas student. They became friends when Mychal played basketball for her collegiate team because of their shared passion for the game.

The two begin dating, and they have been together ever since. They are not married even though they live together and have kids together.

Do They Have Children?

Do They Have Children?

The couple announced in 2018 that they had welcomed Amyah Wiggins, a gorgeous baby girl, as their first child. In 2021, they welcomed their second daughter, Alyah Wiggins, into the world.

The couple is blessed with two beautiful baby girls.


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What Happened to Andrew Wiggins?

What Happened to Andrew Wiggins?

Wiggins missed 23 games due to a family issue and is back with the club after a 51-day hiatus. The star forward is not playing because of Wiggins’ father, Mitchell, who has been dealing with a “serious medical situation.”

According to people close to Andrew, he was not present at Tuesday’s Warriors-Thunder game on 3 April.

He said, “My priority is always my family. When they’re in a circumstance where they need me and my affection, that’s my priority. My family comes first at all times.”

His Absence Gave Rise to Various Rumors

Rumors concerning Wiggins’ disappearance began to negatively affect people who knew him in the middle of March, especially Mychal Johnson, his girlfriend. People on the internet began to fabricate stories.

Regretfully, Mychal received a lot of backlash for supposedly having an affair with Andrew Wiggins’ best friend. Worse, according to the gossip trail, Wiggins’ closest buddy fathered the two children that Mychal and Andrew had together.

Mychal responded to the rumors on social media, as anticipated. Many others went with the story, even though Mychal expressed how “sad” it was that people were spreading falsehoods and sinking to low depths.

In response to these rumors, Mychal Johnson took to Twitter and said, “The internet is a sick place.” The farthest thing possible from the truth. Sad that you guys are even bothering.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is Mychal Johnson?

Born on 21 November 1995, Mychal is 27 years old.

2. What is Andrew Wiggins’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Wiggins’ has a net worth of around $65 million.

3. What about Andrew Wiggins’ Injury?

With almost five minutes remaining, Wiggins broke LeBron James on a box out, collapsed for an offensive rebound, and began grasping at his left side of the rib cage. Wiggins grabbed at the affected region during stoppages over the following few minutes.

It barely caused him to slow down. Wiggins even managed a one-and-a-half hook shot before crashing hard to the ground. However, he again grasped at his rib cage on his way up the court after making the free shot.

Wrapping Up

Even though Andrew Wiggins and his longstanding partner Mychal Johnson keep most of their personal lives private, there’s little doubt that their connection has significantly impacted Wiggins’ journey—both on and off the basketball court.

The couple’s choice to keep certain aspects of their relationship private shows that they are dedicated to upholding normalcy in the face of the difficulties that come with having a well-known profession.

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