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DD Osama Net Worth (June 2024)

DD Osama Net Worth

David Reyes, better known by his stage name DD Osama, is a rising star in the New York City drill rap scene. He is renowned for his bold and catchy music, which frequently pays homage to his deceased brother Notti Osama, who was assassinated in July 2022.

As an acclaimed artist and performer, DD Osama has amassed a net worth of $1.5 million. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of Osama, exploring his career contributing to his meteoric rise.

Who is DD Osama?

Who is DD Osama?

Full NameDavid DeShaun Reyes
Professional NameDD Osama
Date of Birth29-Nov-06
BirthplaceHarlem, New York, United States
Age16 years
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Marital StatusSingle
Height5 Feet 3 inches
Weight55 Kg
Net Worth$1.5 Million

On 29 November 2006, Osama was born at the Brooklyn Hospital, which is situated in New York. He traveled a lot as a youngster, from one area to another. However, he was raised in the confines of Harlem with his Dominican family, at least not until a more recent relocation to Yonkers.

Osama was raised in a big family; his mother’s name is Crimsley Martinez; his father was not there in his childhood since his parents were divorced. However, he also had a stepfather who was consistently there for him when needed.

In addition to his parents, Osama has three elder brothers, two of whom were rappers, and one was a model. He also had a younger brother named Notti, who joined him in the rap scene. Osama also has three half-sisters in all.

What is Dd Osama's Net Worth?

What is Dd Osama’s Net Worth?

Osama has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million. He is a young kid who started by trying to make his career in the hip-hop industry. But he was not having a solid reason until he lost his brother, which motivated him to work harder.

His major chunk of income comes through his music. Osama stands out from the competition due to his ability to deliver gritty, venomous bars at lightning-fast rates. Few major hits that made him stand out from the other rappers were Without You, 40s N 9s, and Dead Ops.

Osama’s Earnings Trends from 2022 to 2023

Oct-22$8.2K -$10.8K
Dec-22$17.6K -$23.3K
Jan-23$11.3K -$14.9K
Mar-23$15.5K -$20.4K
May-23$12.7K -$16.8K
Jun-23$11.4K -$15.1K


Began Music Career with his Siblings

Osama quickly realized his musical affinity and teamed up with his siblings to start his career. They began their careers together in a temporary studio they set up in their grandmother’s home. J Star, his elder brother, ultimately moved out and bought a new crib.

The group then started making music in a booth he had set up. Osama and his younger brother Notti’s music careers wouldn’t get underway formally until 2022. He created his rap nickname by adding another D to his given name, David, when he decided to take his music profession seriously.

Released Hit Singles and Youtube Music

Osama used to listen to his favorite rapper- Polo G. He used to mention that his music inspires him because that was the type of music he was fond of. After almost five months, Osama released his first professional single. He produced the song “Too Tact” alongside Notti and Sugarhill Ddot, and it became one of his first hits.

He posted the music video for the hit on the Rap & Hustles YouTube channel. He soon established his YouTube account and released his all-time best tracks, which include 40s N 9s and Party in the USA.

His Youtube music attracted a large audience and made him a music sensation at a very early age. Later, at the start of the summer of 2022, he and his younger brother Notti went into the studio to record the song “Dead Opps.”

Awards and Achievements

Despite Osama being a rising star, he is yet to receive any major music awards in the industry. However, his growing popularity and fan base is his award and achievement for now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DD Osama’s Real Name?

His real name is David DeShaun Reyes.

2. Are DD Osama and Kay Flock Related?

The connection between Osama and Kay Flock has been the subject of several recent rumors. Many fans have questioned whether these two people have succeeded in the music and entertainment industries or are connected in any way.

However, it has been discovered, via much research and analysis, that DD Osama and Kay Flock are not linked.

3. Is DD Osama Dating Someone?

Osama has not been dating anyone yet.


We’ve done our best to present accurate facts about DD Osama’s net worth and career in this article. We have also added some frequently asked inquiries about him.

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