Home Celebrities Natalia Dyer Eating Disorder: Natalia Dyer Anorexia (June 2024)

Natalia Dyer Eating Disorder: Natalia Dyer Anorexia (June 2024)

Natalia Dyer Eating Disorder

Does Natalia Dyer Have an Eating Disorder?

The latest season of Stranger Things was released in two segments; the first part of the season was released in 2022. Although the season was a great hit and everyone enjoyed the season. But some of you must have noticed the overlook of Natalia. She looks completely different in that season.

The actress completely transformed herself from the past. And the reason behind her different look was her visible weight loss. Fans were apprehensive about her health. A few fans speculate that she was ill and must be suffering from a disease.

According to the rumors, Natalia Dyer is struggling with Anorexia, and this news is circulating everywhere in the media. Anorexia is a medical condition in which the person feels that they will get fat after eating, so they start avoiding eating. This kind of medical condition primarily affects young women. It is like an unwarranted fear in the mind of being overweight and fat.

Natalia Dyer's eating disorder

Is she suffering from Anorexia, or is it just a rumor?

This news is not yet confirmed from any side, so we can’t say that Natalia suffers from Anorexia. This can be a rumor, or it can be true too. She is 1.63 meters and only weighs 105 pounds. For an individual whose height is 1.63 meters, 105 pounds, body weight is relatively low.

In the previous seasons of Stranger Things, Natalia had an average body weight, and she looked healthy in those seasons. We still don’t know whether she lost her weight purposely or she might be preparing for some role.

According to the sources, Natalia was diagnosed with ADHD. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition that affects the person’s behavior, and people get insufficient to concentrate or may seem restless. She was suffering from hyperactivity disorder which contributed to low self-esteem, difficulty in doing some work, or lack of attention.

But Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has nothing to do with her weight loss; that’s completely different. Although the news of Anorexia is not yet confirmed, we still pray for her healthy life and hope she will not suffer from any health condition.

Natalia Dyer Was Quiet and Weak as a Child

Natalia mentioned in her interviews that she struggled with her health when she was a child. She also revealed that as a child, she was a quiet, studious girl, and her health was frail.

She was a well-behaved girl who often felt sick and often missed school because of her asthma. Every year, she would suffer from pneumonia. Most of the time, she used to study at home.

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