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Scarlet Rose Stallone Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Pics

scarlet rose stallone
Net Worth:$2.5 Million
Sun Sign:Gemini
Source of Wealth‎:Professional Model
Country of Origin:Los Angeles, California, United States
Age‎:25 May 2002 (age 20 years)
Real Name:Scarlet Rose Stallone
Parents:Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Flavin
Education:University of Southern California
Siblings: Sophia Rose Stallone, Sistine Stallone, Seargeoh Stallone, Sage Stallone
Height‎:5 feet 7inches (1.73 m)
Last Updated:2022


It takes a lot to be a star kid and Scarlet Rose Stallone is not new to showbiz. The youngest amongst the ‘Stallone siblings, Scarlet Rose was quick to be spotted. It was on the 25th of May, 2002, when Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. They named her ‘Scarlet Rose Stallone’, as rightfully she bloomed to be a beauty that the world would still know of.

Being a star kid, Scarlet Rose Stallone was not new to the limelight, In fact, it would be not wrong to say that she has part-grown under the spotlight. Living the typical Hollywood life, the youngster is part of an ‘extended family, where she shares her last name with her two other half-sisters. However, the Stallone kids have grown up in a household of a ‘large family’ where it was a norm to be able to love and live with each other in their lives. The teenager grew up with her father and his two ex-wives. She is the daughter of Stallone from his third marriage to Jennifer Flavin.

While the world knows Sylvester Stallone as the Hollywood legend that he is, Scarlet Rose Stallone’s mother, Jennifer is a co-owner of ‘Serious Skincare’, a cosmetic brand that focuses on skin-friendly skin care. It is a successful business venture and has placed Jennifer Flavin on the ‘relevant list’ of successful Hollywood wives. As for Scarlet Rose Johnson, her childhood so far has been ‘typical’ of a ‘celebrity-in-waiting’, who knew the ‘paparazzi’ just as well as she knew her family.

While her star-studded family, the Hollywood glamour, and the constant media scrutiny have been a part of her life; the Stallone household had to face some tough times. Growing up, the young kid was faced with the death of her elder sibling. Sage MoonBlood, the superstar’s eldest son, suffered a major heart illness and soon lost his life at the age of only 36. Currently, Scarlet Rose Stallone has an Autistic half-brother named Seargeoh as a part of her growing-up life. As for the young Rose, the acting bug had a bit her early on and she has made it clear to make the Entertainment industry a major part of her life ever since.

Scarlet Rose Stallone Education

Scarlet Rose Stallone is all of 17 today. The young girl has a long way to go and is still on the path to self-discovery. Currently, she is living the life of a typical Hollywood star kid infused with glamour, curiosity, and much-required privacy. For her middle school, the youngster attended the St. Paul the Apostle School in Westwood. Studying in senior high school currently, the Stallone family has kept her current institute a secret. This is to keep her life as normal as possible. Scarlet Rose Stallone is a typical teenager who, like the rest of her clan, enjoys hanging out with friends, partying, and attending school.


With a glamorous last name, a Hollywood legacy, and the media-calling, it is not a surprise that the teenager has been able to tame the spotlight to her benefit. As she has had the paparazzi in her town from the very start, young Rose is not new to the glares of the camera. In fact, she has been able to successfully befriend the lens from an early age. The budding star has shown her interest in a career in the media through her powerful social media presence. It is not an understatement to declare that Scarlet Rose Stallone is a social media sensation and has a huge fan base. The young star has a Youtube account under the name ‘ Scarlet Stallone’ and has 18.2K subscribers and over 600K views, as recorded on July 18, 2020. Her fame does not stop here; she has made a ‘splashing success’ in the Twitter world as well and her account ‘scarletstallone’ has about 8.4K followers. The young sensation is also active on Instagram with 475K followers on the ‘@Scarletstallone’ Twitter handle.

While it did not take long for the media to discover the young star, Scarlet Rose Stallone made sure to make the film industry a vital part of her career. It was in the year 2010 that the young star made her screen debut with ‘Inferno: The Making of The Expendables. This documentary film was directed by John Herzfeld and had various established stars featured in it. The very young daughter of Sylvester Stallone was able to share the screen space with the likes of Bruce Willis, Steve Austin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Also, the Hollywood star-kid made her TV debut the very same year with the ‘Late Show with David Letterman. In this particular episode, she appeared as herself and managed to create the right amount of noise. The media went crazy and everybody wanted to take a glimpse of the ‘Stallone girl’. Her ‘brush’ with the limelight did not simply fade away as the young Hollywood sensation went on to feature in yet another project. This was the drama film, again directed by John Herzfeld titled ‘Reach Me’. The film was released on November 21, 2014, and featured her uncle, father, and other superstars. This was a truly emotional moment, as an entire legacy of Hollywood, the family could be seen together.

Though a lot is apparently visible about Scarlet Rose Johnson, however, the young girl still likes to keep her private life to herself. Not much has been revealed about her dating life or romantic associations to date.

Investments: Net worth: 2.5 million

Being a start kid, it is not much of a surprise that Scarlet Rose Stallone has an inheritance of fame, fortune, and a legacy to her name. She has a powerful last name and has been able to make use of it in adding momentum to her race to Hollywood. While one can say that Hollywood has ‘rolled out’ the red carpet for the star kid to walk on, Rose has her very own credibility as well.

She has a modeling career and owing to her inherent good looks, it was not much of a struggle. But, the young star made sure to be able to make a name for herself nevertheless. As she has an inheritance from both her parents, one can safely say that Scarlett Rose Johnson is a ‘very rich young girl. She made her film debut with her appearance in the 2014 film ‘Reach Me’. The young star has since gone on to feature in various other projects and has caused the film fraternity to take notice of her. Today, she has been able to be a social media sensation, where her every move is closely followed, liked, and shared. Scarlet Rose Johnson is able to be a ‘youth influencer’ in the world today when there is a ‘star’ at every corner and every moment. With the added assets from both her parents to her own earnings, her net worth is yet to be determined. But the young girl is a star in the making and is a celebrity in her own right.


Scarlett Rose Johnson is a Hollywood heiress. She is the daughter of the legendary Sylvester Stallone and has a long road to the film industry just waiting to welcome her ‘home’. All at 17, the young celebrity is still making her name in the film fraternity and has managed to make her presence felt. Already two films old, the starlet has loads of talent and good looks inherited from both her parents to be proud of. She is a young achiever with a promising future, and the film line seems to be her preferred field of interest.

As for now, it is her father’s legacy that has been much talked about and sought-after still. The legendary star has had an illustrious career in the film industry. Sylvester Stallone is still a much sought-after star and is a powerful name to be associated with. Some of his popular movies are the ‘Rambo’ franchise, the legendary ‘Rocky’ and ‘Demolition Man’ to name just a few of the long list of pure gems. The megastar has been one of the names that made a prominent place in the ‘Hollywood Hall of Fame. Not, just that, Sylvester Stallone has been able to successfully steer his career in the field of direction, filmmaking, and various other projects as well. However, it was his personal life that managed to gather much attention as well. Married for the third time, Stallone seems to have finally found love in Jennifer Flavin, Scarlet Rose’s mother.

As for Scarlet, the young star has already made a headstart in the field of acting. At the 74th Golden Globe Awards in the year 2017, she was titled ‘Miss Golden Globe’. She is also a part of ‘Entertainment Tonight’ where she appears as herself.

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