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Steven Bartlett Girlfriend Melanie Vaz Lopes (February 2024)

Steven Bartlett Girlfriend

The multi-millionaire British-Nigerian Entrepreneur Steven Bartlett described his relationship with his girlfriend, Melanie Vaz Lopes, as the most outstanding achievement of his life. When he is not busy making his next million, he likes spending time with her.

Melanie is an influencer and businesswoman who runs a beauty and wellbeing business. She also owns a sports nutrition guide and a raw and vegan recipe book. Continue reading the article to learn everything about Steven Bartlett and Melanie Vaz Lopes’s relationship.

Who is Steven Bartlett’s Girlfriend: Melanie Vaz Lopes?

Melanie Vaz Lopes

Melanie is a French entrepreneur and influencer known for running a beauty and wellbeing brand, Auraya. The brand sells facial rollers, gua sha tools, gemstones, and fashion tips.

She also owns a sports nutrition guide named Booty Academy and a vegan recipe book. Melanie gained a massive fan following as an influencer on her social media accounts. Melanie gained popularity when she started dating multi-millionaire Steven Bartlett.

How and When Did Steven Bartlett and Melanie Vaz Lopes First Meet Each Other?

Steven Bartlett and Melanie Vaz Lopes

In 2016, Melanie and Steven first met on Instagram. We can say that they first interacted with each other through social media. They dated for a year but split up as Steven was busy with his work and couldn’t spend much time with her.

The Couple Started Dating Again in 2022 After Split Up

The Couple Started Dating

After they split up in 2017, Steven tried hard to return to her ex-girlfriend, Melanie. In 2022, Steven flew 22 hours to Bail to win her back. He confessed his love for her on stage before the performance of House Gospel Choir.

During the show, someone from the audience said it was a surprise that Steven never opened up about his love life. But now he dedicated his entire performance to his girlfriend, Melanie.

It was a huge romantic moment when Steven proposed to Melanie. However, he didn’t get down on his knees; love was all around the atmosphere. When Steven was thinking of travelling to Bali to win her back, the news came out that Melanie had started dating someone else.

But after spending some time with Steven, she fell in love with him again. The pair reunited and happily lived their relationship. But still, they have tried to keep their relationship secret.

Are Melanie Vaz Lopes and Steven Bartlett Still Together?

The pair have kept their relationship out of the public eye. But it is confirmed they are still together after their split up in 2017 and happily living their love life.

Are They Married to Each Other?

No, the pair is not yet married to each other. But they want to, as Steven himself confessed he would like to get married during an interview.

Do Steven and Melanie Have Children?

No, they do not have any children. Neither of them has any kids from their previous relationships. During an interview, Steven said he would like to have kids, and the number would be six.

He said six, maybe a lot; four would be a good number.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Steven Bartlett Married?

No, Steven is not married yet. He is in a relationship with an entrepreneur and influencer, Melanie Vaz Lopes.

2. What is Steven Bartlett’s Net Worth?

According to a report, Steven’s net worth is estimated to be around £68 million.

3. Does Steven Bartlett have a Brother?

Steven has a brother named Jason Bartlett, an inventor working at the UK pension fund Railpen.

Wrapping Up

Steven Bartlett’s love life, once shrouded in secrecy, is now illuminated by the presence of Melanie Vaz Lopes. As an entrepreneur who values privacy, Steven continues to inspire with his ability to balance his public and personal life.

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