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Simple Tactics That Can Drive the Maximum Social Media Referral Traffic to Your Website

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Even as businesses acknowledge that while Google is still the best source for driving organic traffic to their websites, the power of social media cannot be ignored. When you are done and over with tweaking the SEO performance of your site, turning your attention to harnessing social media for driving traffic to your website may be your best investment, even though the competition for eyeballs is very stiff indeed. Some practical tips on generating website traffic from social media:

Gear Up Your Social Media Accounts

The first task is choosing which social media platforms you are going to be active on because not all networks may have the suitable target audiences and there are anyway far too many social media platforms for you to devote attention. To start, you can set up your personal pages on the selected platforms and then transition to the business pages that offer more features. As you become more adept with handling social media, you may even find it worthwhile to set up different accounts for each of your brands. Whatever, you do, your social media account must create the best possible first impression on users. Some of the essential things include a distinct cover image, business logo, crisp information regarding what you do, contact information, and a link to your website.

Post Amazing Content

There are quite a few essential things needed to make your social media marketing a success, however, unarguably, content is the most important element. Unless users find value in the content inasmuch it entertains them or educates them, they are unlikely to become your followers. It is extremely important to define your target audience, understand what drives them, and cater to their needs with very high-quality and original content. Typically, the focus will be on images and videos as these tend to engage far better than text with Instagram likes, especially for mobile users who are notoriously both impatient and distracted. According to https://www.socialmediatoday.com, video on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%.

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Generate Referral Traffic to Your Website

The most important things for social media traffic generation after the quality of content are posting frequency and consistency. There is a fine line that differentiates posting too less and too much. If you post less, you run the risk of users forgetting about you and the engagement that has been built up is also diluted while, if you post too much and flood the feed of users with your posts, they are likely to get cheesed off and unfollow you. By careful experimentation, you will be able to decide on the ideal posting frequency for each platform you are on. The time of the posting is also important because even if you have great content, if your users are not active, they will miss it and your effort will have been wasted. The content should be tailored as per the profile of customers across various platforms. An effort should be made to post different content types to keep the level of interest alive.


For online marketers, social media is extremely important because not only does it allow them to increase their reach, build brand awareness, engage their target audiences but also to generate referral traffic to their websites or e-commerce platforms for sales. While there is only so much, they can do with conventional SEO; social media is a huge arena that holds limitless potential.

Author bio: Ariya Stark works in the digital marketing department of a leading footwear retailer. An avid blogger on social media marketing, she observes a growing tendency among small businesses to purchase real Instagram likes in an attempt to boost the engagement rate.

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