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10 Effective SEO Techniques If You Struggling with Driving Traffic

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Effective SEO Techniques

As site owners and marketers, we contribute a great deal of time and vitality attempting to drive organic traffic through the rooftop. Be that as it may, all things considered, we understand that we are as yet getting irrelevant traffic. In fact, once in a while we probably won’t get any traffic at all.

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In this post, we are discussion around 10 successful SEO methods to enable you to drive organic traffic to your website.

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Perform an SEO Audit on Your Website

If you do it effectively, a review can be a convenient SEO strategy. It causes you to distinguish weak links on your site and encourages you to find why you are not getting as much traffic as you might want. Also, from the review results, you will have a thought of how you will approach improving your site’s presentation. Presently realize this may sound muddled and complex, yet you’d be astounded at how simple it is. Also, it causes you to distinguish things that you disregarded when making your site.

Find Untapped Keywords

There is something to be supposed about keywords. Particularly with regards to positioning on Google’s top pages. In fact, I’d say that keywords are the most significant SEO devices to utilize in the event that you need to direct people to your site. Be that as it may, while keywords are a goldmine, making great keywords can be a grand errand. If you need to get thoughts, you should make a beeline for Reddit and sweep strings for terms that show up more than twice with the goal that you get a thought of what terms individuals are searching for and incorporate them into your content.

Update and Republish Old Blog Posts

We all know so many people didn’t like to use recycle blog posts after they have written them. But funny enough it is one of the most effective search engine optimization techniques to utilize when you need to direct people to your site. Listen to this: When you go over your old blog entries, you’ll find that they contain a goldmine of content. Indeed, you may have kept in touch with some mind-boggling blog posts that are as yet producing traffic to date. So, when you repurpose those posts, you influence their expert for expanded traffic.

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Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

One of the most significant SEO plan that most people overlook is making a mobile-friendly website. More and more people are moving to do practically everything via telephone. Thus, your website needs to perform similarly well on mobile devices if it is to get an opportunity to rank higher on the search engine.

Use More Infographics

Everyone loves a little visual in all fields and in business site people love to visible on the first page. And, utilizing infographics is one of the most well-known methods for showing complex data in a straightforward manner. Also, a surefire method for driving traffic up the rooftop.

If you use quality infographics, that increases your website traffic more then your expectation. And also, one study says, peoples are love to read infographics. So, if you add infographics with your content then increase your site readability.But just concentrating on good graphics aren’t enough you should need that you have quality facts to back up your graphics

Optimize Your Content for RankBrain

This is one of those SEO strategies that you wouldn’t regularly pay regard to however works like a charm. Furthermore, that is the place RankBrain comes in. RankBrain is, basically, an artificial intelligence system that aids evaluate the search results and helps connect the reader with relevant outcomes which thus helps drive more traffic in your direction.

Write At Least 2000 Words

As per the expert, long and high-quality content is a lot of higher chance of ranking then short content. In long content you can write everything about the topic and the reader can recognize you. One study says if you write content close to 2000 words then, through quality and brief content increase your chance of ranking.

Only write long content is not enough. Apart from this, you need to also add a great amount of detail and all details are must be accurate. Always try to write unique and attractive content for increasing the interest of the reader. If you writing something, always try to add a picture and some screenshots for easy understanding for the reader and this type of content looks very attractive. If your content is valuable for the reader, then your site rank on Google in a very long time.

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Send Link Juice to Pages Ranking in Pages 2 and 3

Sending link juice means transfer good quality of outbound links that helps to rank much higher and better to lower rank page to help improve ranking.

Since these links are coming from an authorized website, they rub off some of the statuses on your content giving the impression that the lesser ranked content has to be good quality content as well.

Link to External Sites with High Domain Authority

This is one of the most prominent SEO systems in 2019 and for a valid justification as well. Take a gander at it along these lines: getting high domain authority connects to your site helps increment your general reliability since people associate you with the high area authority. Additionally, the high domain authority rubs off its reputation on you giving the feeling that you should have fantastic content as well, so more individuals need to perceive what you have to say.

Create Your Own Unique Keywords

When the question comes in front of you, how to improve SEO? In this situation create own keyword and work like an appeal. That means to think about keywords and create unique links. if you generate unique keywords that reverberate with people, you can drive a little more traffic to your website. Because like as you, your reader also loves uniqueness. This is the main key to driving traffic in a higher position.


I trust the discussed information has been useful for you. Of course there are numerous SEO techniques you can usage to drive traffic to your website, but believe me, discussed techniques are most effective for you.

Author Bio- Neha Tiwari is an SEO expert with great interest in all the developments which are taking place in the field of digital marketing. She has worked with leading agencies that offer the best SEO services in the USA in the past and writes on all emerging trends of SEO.

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