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How Web Design Affects SEO

Affects SEO

very business wants to increase its revenues, whether in the short or the long run. One of the best ways to do this is by embracing SEO, enhancing your business visibility and organic traffic. Yet, unknown to many, web design affects SEO. Professionals at Zgraph will often recommend that you understand how web design affects SEO. Here are a few insights to keep in mind.

Effects of web design SEO


Users want an immersive experience when using your website. An excellent web design should highlight an easily navigable structure. Usually, this navigation structure directly impacts bounce, conversion, and engagement rates. Unless these elements are met, your website will not rank highly.

In this case, an excellent website design in Atlanta will entail a simple menu, no technical jargon, easier accessibility, descriptive anchor text, and an accessible menu. A web design with these elements will help improve your SEO strategy in the long run.

Loading Speed

Your SEO strategy will thrive only if your site offers an unmatched loading speed. An excellent website loading speed ensures that your site ranks relatively high among search engines. Usually, an expert will recommend that the loading speed be approximately less than a second.

You can improve the loading speed in various ways. For instance, you could consider using CDN, caching solutions, and compressed images. At the same time, minimize HTTP requests and the use of redirects.


Pop-ups can make your website lose credibility. That is because they cause significant discomfort to the users. In addition, these aspects could frustrate the user in the long run. Avoiding these pop-ups on your site will help improve the users’ general experience.

In conclusion, how you design your website will often determine how high you will rank on search engines. Today, it would be best to include web design in your SEO strategy.

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