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Maintaining a Digital Marketing Presence in Seattle in the Time of Crisis

by Snehal Tanwar
Maintaining a Digital Marketing Presence in Seattle in the Time of Crisis

No other city knows innovation quite like Seattle, Washington, does. As a growing tech hub, the city has seen countless successful business ventures and entrepreneurial efforts come to fruition. From Amazon to Boeing, The Emerald City has fostered great talent, bred top technology experts, and offered countless tech jobs.

Crowned the title of #1 Best Places for Business and Careers in America by Forbes, there’s no doubt that the city offers one of the best business climates out there.

Small businesses, independent ventures, and large corporations alike are thriving contributors to the city’s economy and community. However, how do these businesses maintain their presence in a time of crisis?

This is a question many business owners have had to come to terms with since the start of 2020. As COVID-19 sweeps through the country, it brings with it business closures, stay-at-home orders, and economic devastation.

The bustling hubbub of downtown Seattle comes to a screeching halt and businesses are left wondering how they can continue to meet their demanding KPIs, cover fixed business costs, retain their customer base, and continue to make profits. This time of crisis has made one thing clear: a digital marketing presence is vital to businesses of all sizes.

Adapting to the rapidly evolving business landscape requires a robust digital marketing strategy. Leveraging innovative digital marketing trends can help your business stay afloat—not just in a highly competitive market, but one rife with an unprecedented crisis too.

Companies that forego investing in this up-and-coming marketing strategy often struggle to familiarize themselves with the tools at their disposal. For many of them, hiring SEO services is an effective way to develop a bespoke strategy that converts.

From content marketing and reputation management to social media management and website development, a unique strategy can be tailored to your business’s needs.

Digital Marketing Defined

Almost 50% of marketers recognize the significance of digital marketing and its invariable edge over traditional marketing strategies. As the rapidly evolving business infrastructure shifts everything to the online sphere, some businesses struggle to pin down a strategy that works for them.

Digital Marketing Defined

According to a recent survey, 87% of North American marketers believe the use of online services will increase manifold owing to the global pandemic. When people are restricted from going outdoors, they’ll turn to businesses providing services online. You can take advantage of this niche to make a place for your business and enhance your brand’s visibility locally.

With the shift to e-commerce in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus, businesses need to take advantage of these tools to increase customer outreach and improve your business’s bottom line.

Ignoring digital marketing as a viable strategy to solidify your place in the local market can cost your business—not just now, but in the long run too. When faced with the tough decision to cut costs and find revenue-maximizing opportunities, digital marketing is the way forward.

Companies that fail to keep up with these trends will see falling net profits, customer attrition, and lower sales than ever. Even if your business if facing temporary closure due to the ongoing crisis, you can maintain a digital marketing strategy to engage and retain your audiences for the time business goes back to the usual.

Establish—And Maintain—An Online Presence With Marketing Efforts That Work

Uncertain times call for drastic measures. Businesses in Seattle are forced to adapt to a new normal with lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, eliminating the customers who were often walking through the door every day.

Your digital presence is one thing that’ll stay active—even when your business has temporarily closed.

Drive Engagement

Research shows that acquiring a new customer costs 5 times more than retaining your existing ones. At a time when sales are plummeting and revenue-generating opportunities are dwindling, you can’t afford customer attrition.

Maintaining your brand’s presence, even duringthe ongoing pandemic, will help you engage with your customers and increase outreach in your local target market. Don’t miss out on vital engagement opportunities with customers who are looking for advice, clarity, and information.

Take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to connect with audiences and keep them engaged with regular updates. A survey of social media users in March 2020 revealed the percentage of people who’d increase their social media usage during the countrywide lockdown:

Drive Engagement

  • 63.7% believed they would increase YouTube usage
  • 62.3% stated that they’d use Facebook more than before
  • 43.1% claimed their usage of Instagram would increase
  • 34.4% said they’d use Twitter more often

As the COVID-19 crisis drives customer engagement with social media and digital content, your business can take advantage of the changing tide.

Address customer concerns

Social media is a viable marketing resource, but it’s also just as great for customer service and reputation management. When digital media usage is high in times of social distancing and lockdowns, brands may experience an influx of messages from concerned customers.

Using this opportunity to stay connected with customers, offer transparency in communication, and taking an empathetic approach is an effective reputation management strategy. The prompt and personalized responses to negative customer reviews show your brand’s commitment to quality services.

Since a negative review can translate into lower sales for an astounding 82% of customers, reputation management is definitely something you should look into during theCOVID-19 crisis.

Never one to shy away from hilarious quips, Wendy’s is always prompt with addressing customer concerns on Twitter and offering reparations immediately. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, when the business isn’t operating as usual, they’re quick to offer support to their disgruntled patrons. Take a look at one of many such exchanges:

Here’s another example of a makeup brand, ColourPop Cosmetics, responding to a customer’s concerns by addressing their issue privately. Even with the lockdown and social distancing orders limiting shipment activities, the company is faced with criticism regarding order deliveries. Here’s how they managed this situation promptly:

Informative content that converts

A global pandemic comes with feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and apprehension. Customers are struggling to understand the changing world around them and wondering what this means for life as they know it.

They say content is king and, at a time when people are looking for informative, value-adding content, this couldn’t be more true!

Informative content that converts

Content marketing is often at the forefront of digital marketing strategies—and for good reason. Blogs, articles, guest posts, and infographics can be created, SEO optimized, published to gain traction and organic traffic for your business’s website. With 55% of marketers recognizing blog content as a top marketing priority and increasing their likelihood of seeing a positive ROI by 13 times, this is a viable strategy to adopt.

Keep your existing customers in the loop and increase outreach to potential customers through quality content that offers additional, reliable resources they can access. Not only will this benefit your link building efforts and generate organic traffic to your website, it’ll also establish your brand as a trustworthy industry authority.

When customers—both existing and potential ones—have a positive perception of your brand, they’re more likely to opt for your products or services. Establishing this brand identity and perception now will reap benefits for your brand long after the global crisis has subsided.

Using an effective digital marketing strategy to keep your customers in the loop, leverage local target markets, and foster relationships with customers will help your Seattle business survive—and thrive!—during the crisis. If you’re struggling to find a way to leave your mark in the business sphere, hire SEO services in Seattle to develop a custom strategy for you.

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