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How to Use Social Media to Improve Association Member Engagement

How to Use Social Media to Improve Association Member Engagement

Using social media to reach out and build relationships with association members is a powerful strategy. It establishes your association in the public square and reaches members on platforms they already use. There is no sign-up for them to arrange, a website to bookmark, or contact information to remember. Social media connects you with a click.

Here are a few steps you can take to use social media to improve association member engagement.

Be Active on the Right Platforms

Be present on the most popular social media platforms. Understand where most of your targeted members already have accounts. Doing so will maximize the return on your efforts.

Incentivize member engagement

Have association member engagement goals. Define what engagement you’re looking for on social media and where you want to find it.

After setting up your goals, hold contests, draw, and offer rewards for engagement. Don’t be afraid to encourage social media engagement. Ask for it in your posts, such as, “Please like, share, and subscribe to more videos like this,” “Share this infographic to earn an entry into this week’s lottery draw,” or something similar.

Monitor your social media with membership platform software

Manage your social media with membership platform software that identifies likes, shares, subscribers, and growth. Be able to segment members and monitor individual member engagement metrics. Know what social media marketing strategies work and which don’t. Know what members are engaged and which are not.

Diversify the type of content you post

Use text, images, or video. Diversify what you do under each content type. Never stick with one type of social post. Some members may be more inclined to share an image than watch a video, or vice versa. When you diversify, you ensure you reach the most members or potential members possible.

Put Effort into your Social Media Posts

Unleash your creativity and originality. Your posts will receive more engagement and clicks if you invest more effort. It’s worth conducting A/B tests, experimenting, and crafting posts that distinctly represent your association. Even if it takes some time to cultivate your social media presence, perseverance will pay off.

Be inspired by but don’t copy others’ content

Look to similar or dissimilar associations and accounts for inspiration on what to post on social media. Social media users, however, will be bored or apprehensive if you duplicate another’s approach. When looking at others’ content, only use it for inspiration and not as a line-by-line guide.

Capitalize on trends and timely events

Events happen every day. Holidays come and go. New movies are released weekly. The latest trends present, often unexpectedly. Make posts on social media that refer to trends and timely events. Doing so will make you a part of the conversation, increasing the likelihood of a member interacting with your post.

Funny is the best medicine to cure disengagement

Social media engagement is most likely to be humorous. Though not every post must be funny, don’t be afraid to add some humor now and again. Be mindful of appropriateness and ensure your content doesn’t ruffle feathers.

Post meaningful updates from your association

Another tone to take with social media updates and posts is information-based. Be transparent. Let members know the latest news, including how initiatives and projects are going. Don’t hesitate to post photos or details following significant events. Every post is an opportunity to catch a member’s eye and engage them by liking, sharing, or leaving a comment.

Share individual member accomplishments

Associations may offer support for their members’ professional experiences. They can showcase individual member achievements, such as finished courses or exceptional performances. These posts allow the featured members to celebrate their success. Also, they encourage fellow members to offer congratulatory messages, fostering camaraderie among colleagues.

Ask questions that members will find irresistible to answer

Asking a question or launching a poll encourages members to vote and leave a comment. It can help promote events and posts or support a giveaway. It can also be a way to start a conversation between members.

Interact and respond publicly and privately to interactions

Associations should respond to publicly posted comments and questions. Likewise, answer direct messages. Many organizations are not as responsive as they could be on social media, and their engagement metrics reflect that. Even a simple comment posted by a member will encourage them to continue interacting.

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