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Video Marketing Strategy Can Help Your Business Grow Quickly

by Snehal Tanwar
Video Marketing Strategy Can Help Your Business Grow Quickly

Video marketing means using a video to promote products and services you are offering to your target audience. While there are various methods of marketing, videos are going mainstream encouraging a large number of entrepreneurs to pay heed to it.

People spend one-third of their time watching videos. Content is a must, but videos increase the engagement of users. It builds brand trust and increases the rate of conversion. Viewers retain 95% of the message watching a video compared to 10% reading the text.

It acts as a face to your brand and can significantly increase the traffic to your website. Before you implement a video marketing strategy, you must create a plan and budget. Videos can help you quickly grow if you have a start-up. Here is how you should make a video marketing strategy.

Focus on two Ws

The first step before you create a video marketing strategy is to outline your video goals. You cannot decide the route without knowing the destination. Your video must focus on two Ws: what and why.

  • What – You will have to define the challenges. Users must realise the problem they are facing and what impact it has on their day-to-day life. A video in this stage should attract users and introduce your brand.
  • Why – Users would like to know the solution of their problems. “Why” part will focus on recommendations. You will introduce solutions and explain how they can ease their life.

Do not make claims outlandishly. People will trust if you successfully justify that your answers are worth buying. You can back up your claims with some examples. Prove why people should choose your product or service.

Consider your video budget

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If not spending enough of money on video marketing can damage the reputation of your brand, overspending will not make it to the top too. While framing a video marketing strategy, you should bear in mind the goals you want to achieve and how the platform works, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, where you want to upload it.

If you have a large budget, you can share a captivating story. Influencers can also help you know what users want to see. If you do not have enough budget, you can take out loans to your door same day.

Know who your audience is

Now that you know what content you are going to share through a video and which platform you will use to upload it. The next step is to find out who your target audience will be. Streaming videos without defining audience will lead to poor results, and it will be a flop.

The ultimate goal is to boost the conversion rate and hence you need to determine beforehand who will watch it and who will not. The key is developing your buyer’s persona. People who buy your product or service will usually reach out to your video.

Before you take the plunge, make sure that you have worked on these things:

  • Who will buy your products and services?
  • What is the purpose of your video?
  • Where is your target audience?

With these questions, you will know who your target audience will be and how you can reach out to them.

Optimise your video

Make sure that your video is optimised to get as much traffic as possible. Try to share it across all video platforms instead of sticking to a single one. Keep it short and upload directly to the channel.

Make sure that your video streams on your website too, so that all visitors can watch the video there only. Such people will likely need the product or service, and when they find video content useful, they may be ready to buy your offerings.

Do not forget to embed the link to your website on all platforms where you share your video. Make sure that you use relevant keywords to make your video rank on top results. Think from a user point of view while choosing keywords. Do some research on keywords.

Analyse performance

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You have done all you were supposed to do from framing content to uploading a video. The next step is to analyse the metrics. Look at total views, clickthrough rates, conversion, likes, shares, comments and retweets.

If you have a high number of views but no engagement, you may have chosen the right topic, but the tone of your message may be off. Video engagement allows for an interpretation that people love your content.

However, high engagement does not always lead to high conversion because it may lack call-to-action. Analysing the metrics can help you improve flaws to achieve your goals.

Video marketing is the best way to increase traffic and to improve the conversion rate. It does not take a lot of stuff and time. Just follow the steps mentioned above. Your business will grow swiftly.

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