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Is the Automatic Text Summarizer Essential to Your Work? Find Out Right Here!

by sambit
Automatic Text Summarization

Software apps have been helping us in a big way through time to efficiently get our work done, not only by reducing the amount of time required, but also assist us in solving problems. Thanks to technology innovations, reliance on tech to assist us in our daily lives have been increasing exponentially, and the ease of our lives has been increasing exponentially with it. One tech innovation that has become the center of attention recently is the automatic text summarizer. The text summarygenerator produces relevant and concise summaries while preserving key details present in the original document.

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t have the time to read a full report, but instead you asked your junior staff to produce a concise executive summary? Your junior staff or personal assistant will then painstakingly reading through this document for you at your own costs and will take hours or days before getting back to you.

The text summary generator, on the other hand, can assist you with producing a summary instantly, allowing you to concentrate your time and energy on other tasks. It saves your considerable costs and time from having to wait for or pay for additional headcounts to summarize the documents for you. Manually drafting summaries is not a foolproof task as it’s highly prone to errors. Hence, the automatic text summarizer can rescue the situation without a headcount, costs or wasted waiting time.

The modern summarization tools such as Lawli Summarizer can provide cross-checking to correct summary results, and gives the key insights of a document irrespective of its length and text’s complexity. Lawli Summarizer will improve your daily work and lives instantly. Below is the inner workings of the text summarizer:

A guide to the workings of the automatic summarizer

Whether you are a legal professional, run a business, or are in the research field, concise and accurate summaries are an essential part of the operations. With the automatic online summarizing tool, distilling relevant information from the source document to create a shorter and coherent version of longer documents becomes a piece of cake. An automatic text summarizer aims to generate relevant summaries that are unbiased as an important initial document processing tool, or a cross-check tool to verify the summaries written by humans. The summarizer not only generates phrases and words but instead, creates fluent summaries that contain all the scientifically calculated critical details of the original documents. Some examples of automatic text summarizer include:

  • Executive summaries
  • Easy-to-read outlines for researchers and students
  • Meeting minutes
  • Synopsis of lengthy text
  • Key points of legal contracts
  • Financial reports review
  • Media article monitoring
  • Analyze the essential points of medical cases
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After the applications of text summarizer, it’s time to look at the approaches of text summarization. There are two types of text summarization:

  1. Extractive methods: The name itself explains what this type of text summarization aims to do. Here, the tool identifies the essential phrases, interprets and extracts those from the original document. For instance, if the original document contains five sentences, but only some are key information, the summarizer will create a summary containing the essential details.
  2. Abstractive summarizer: This approach to text summarization is entirely different from the extractive method. Here, the tool focuses on generating new sentences from the original text instead of using only the sentences present in the original document. After using the abstractive automatic text summarize method for your desired percentage length output, you will receive a summary with newly constructed phrases and sentences that represents the essential information of the original document.

Practical reasons to use automatic text summarizer

  • Prevents you from missing out on essential details: With the automatic text summarizer, you can easily highlight critical text and essential keywords. The automated tool scans the entire document and picks out the crucial details in seconds. This way, you will get a clear idea of what the document is all about without the need to read the document from top to bottom. The best part is that you don’t have to stress about missing out on essential details.
  • Instant results: Are you tired of spending the entire day reading and reviewing lengthy documents? Your troubles come to an end with the text summarizer. The automated tool works instantly which means that you only need to upload the PDF or Word document, press the Summarize button, and get the summary in seconds. Lawli Summarizer, for example, has the ability to tailor your focused topics and try summarizing using different summarizer models to obtain the best results. You will then obtain a quality summary cross-checked using different summarizing models in seconds.
  • Enhances productivity: With the automatic text summarizer, you will be able to create a summary with a single click, thus allowing you to supercharge your productivity and review more documents in less time. The summary generator produces short snippets of lengthy documents that are clear and straight to the point.
  • Boost the learning process: Notes and summaries are a part of comprehensive study sessions. Sometimes researchers and students want to cross-reference summaries to verify their understanding of the text. With the automatic text summarizer, you only have to upload the document and get an instant summary, to obtain an overview of your long research articles and cross-check your work.
  • Easy review: The automatic text summarizer can assist you to review documents in a fraction of the time, without you having to wait endlessly for the turnaround to review the executive summary of lengthy documents. Whether you want to review the important business or legal contract or want to review the reading materials for an exam, an automatic summarizer is an answer for you.
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Instead of attempting to skim the text, which many professionals are inclined to do, creating summaries with the automatic summarizer is the best sustainable approach for businesses to gain trust from clients and ensure high-quality review work.

As we approach the New Year, step up by using the Online Automatic Text Summarization Tool to create summaries, such as the Lawli Summarizer. The tool uses AI algorithms to provide accurate results with high accuracy. To make the document summarization effortless as it should be, and leave room for you in a day to concentrate on other essential tasks, it’s time to switch to adopt the automated summarizer tool.

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