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Break Out of a Creative Slump With These 5 Tips

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Some days you may be brimming with inspiration, with so many ideas to try you don’t have enough time to try them all. Then you have the days where nothing seems to work out and you feel like a creative failure. The ups and downs of the artist’s life are normal, but if you need some ideas to get out of a creative low point, check out these tips below.

1. Show Up

Even if you aren’t feeling the creative flow, it’s important to show up anyway. Start doodling and see where it takes you. Before you know it, you may have been in the art studio in Richmond IN for hours with plenty of new inspiration pouring out onto the page. Getting started is the hardest part. Set a timer for 30 minutes and see what you can create.

2. Use Sketchbooks

Have plenty of sketchbooks available that you can play in. These are for your eyes only and don’t have to look pretty. They can hold doodles, paint swatches, color palettes, and journaling.

3. Take a Class

Learning a new technique can quickly bump you out of a creative slump. Just watching another artist use a brush a certain way can help you figure out ways to incorporate new movements into your own artwork.

4. Clean Your Studio

The art studio can get messy quickly when you don’t take time to clean up after each session. Sometimes the physical clutter can overwhelm your mind and stint the creative process. Cleaning up your studio and purging old supplies can provide you with a clean, fresh place to work.

5. Play

Forget about finishing pieces and learn to play more. Experiment with color, line, and mark-making without trying to make it look good. Enjoy the process and see what emerges.

Waiting for inspiration to strike is futile. Instead, enjoy the journey and continue creating daily because you never know when you’ll discover something new.

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