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CCNA Exam Prep: Avoid These Common Pitfalls to Pass with Flying Colors


Are you an IT recruit who has just started their professional life and is aimed to pace with the experienced ones as well as master innovations? Or an experienced IT worker who has given years to his career but is still waiting for a boost? In both cases, you must consider pursuing Cisco’s CCNA certification, which can give your career an instant uplift.

If you are familiar with the CCNA certification, then you must also have heard about the topics included in the exam and how to prepare for it using online study materials, dump CCNA, video tutorials, etc. If not, you can easily get hundreds of information about that on the internet. But, you can find very little about common pitfalls adopted by CCNA candidates that do not let them pass the exam. Below, we have compiled a list of hazards that should be avoided during preparation.

Common Pitfalls To Avoid During CCNA Exam Prep

  1. Delaying exam prep – Unlike school, college, or even graduate exams, professional exams require preparation at an exceptional level. CCNA has more advanced and tough topics that cannot be covered without focusing well and understanding deeply. It is recommended to start preparing at least 2-3 months before the exam.
  2. Trying to memorize everything – Professional exams require practical skills and knowledge rather than memorizing facts, commands, etc., and cramming information. You should be capable of understanding the logic, concepts, and principles behind each network technology and protocol so that you might state them correctly in the CCNA exam and troubleshoot them in real-world scenarios.
  3. Not considering CCNA exam dumps useful – Candidates for the CCNA exam often rely on a single material for preparation, i.e., only a book or video tutorials, which do not assist them in gaining enough knowledge to prepare and eventually lead to failing the exam. There are many helpful resources on the official CCNA website as well as on others. Moreover, ignoring the value of exam dumps, CCNA is also a common pitfall. Candidates should search CCNA dumps from reliable resources and credible websites such as SpotoClub, which is a genuine resource and provides 100% authentic CCNA exam dumps. Click here to know more about dump CCNA and avail of updated study materials.
  4. Gaining minimal experience – There are no prior experiences mentioned as prerequisites in the CCNA exam, due to which candidates assume that they can pass the exam only by studying written notes, which is most uncertain. CCNA certification requires practical skills and knowledge to design, implement, install, maintain, and troubleshoot variations of networks, which is already acquired by a candidate who has experience of 5-6 years in the professional field. However, a beginner with minimal or no experience should pursue volunteer work, internships, personal projects, etc. Also, they can take advantage of different online and offline labs, simulators, and emulators for practicing network devices and tools to avoid this pitfall affecting their CCNA exam prep.
  5. Not attempting timed mock tests – Often, CCNA candidates ignore the importance of attempting mock tests before the real exam, which is why they feel confused during the exam. Taking mock tests repeatedly helps you to work harder on your weak points and areas. Along with dump CCNA, Spoto also offers you to take timed mock tests and be evaluated right away by dedicated professionals.


Passing the globally recognized CCNA exam with flying colors is on the top priority lists of people in networking and IT careers, as it can give a boost to their professional lives. Avoiding the above-mentioned pitfalls during the CCNA exam preparation will assist you in gaining the namesake CCNA credential and venting new opportunities.

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