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How to Advance Your Career Using Online Educational Psychology Masters Programs

How to Advance Your Career Using Online Educational Psychology Masters Programs

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology can take you to the next level of your career. Several schools offer online programs, so you can earn your degree and advance your career without ever leaving your home.

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Whether you want to gain new skills or advance your current career, an online educational psychology masters is a great place to start. These programs focus on developing effective learning strategies. They also teach you how to create a constructive learning environment for all students. Some programs are self-paced, and others are based on a cohort system. Depending on your goals, you may choose a program that emphasizes either clinical experience or research. Your dissertation is the second step in your psychology doctorate. Some programs require students to pass a comprehensive exam before advancing to the dissertation stage. You will generally work with a faculty advisor to write your dissertation. You must defend your dissertation after you have completed 12 credits of coursework.  Typically, students in an educational psychology doctoral program finish their coursework in about three to four years. You can also enroll in a program that is part-time or self-paced. Educational psychology careers offer above-average salaries, and many advanced positions are available. For example, you can work as a school psychologist, a professor in higher education, or an independent consultant. You can also pursue opportunities in research and training and development.

Employment as an Educational Researcher

Obtaining a master’s degree in educational psychology is an ideal way to prepare for a career as an academic researcher. This specialization can lead to corporate, non-profit, and government jobs. These roles require a deep understanding of human development and education. Educational psychologists use research to improve school systems’ teaching and learning processes. They analyze the effects of certain psychological factors on children’s learning, such as behavior and memory. They also develop instructional programs and assessment methods. They may also consult with other psychologists to ensure students receive the best education possible. Students pursuing a master’s degree in educational psychology are expected to have a wide range of academic backgrounds. Many aim to help schools and districts find better ways to help students with learning disabilities. Some are aspiring school counselors, while others seek careers in education policy. A master’s degree in educational psychology is designed to give the student a thorough understanding of the theories and methods used in the field. The curriculum covers teaching evaluation, tests and measurement, and special considerations for diverse populations. The coursework will help prepare the student for a career in education and can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Schools that Offer Online Educational Psychology Master’s Programs

Several online programs can help you meet your goals. You can work in schools as a school counselor or as a researcher. However, there are some factors you should consider when choosing a program. Most schools have application forms that require basic information such as name and address. Also, some schools may require an interview with an admissions office. In addition, some programs require a portfolio of relevant research. Several programs even require GRE scores. Some schools offer hybrid programs, which combine on-campus and distance learning. These may be more convenient for students who live far from campus. These programs may require an on-campus residency, and students who plan to obtain state licensure must complete an internship or practicum. These programs require a minimum of 30 credit hours, and the typical duration is two years. Students can choose to specialize, and some schools even offer concentration tracks. Most grad school programs culminate in a capstone project. A bachelor’s degree is usually needed to pursue a master’s in educational psychology. Some grad school programs also require an internship. In addition, some schools allow students to complete coursework that can earn transfer credit. Several online programs have accelerated options. These allow students to finish their degree requirements at a fast pace. Some accelerated programs can be completed in as little as 16 months.

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