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Edutainment Evolution: Harnessing the Power of YouTube for Learning

Power of YouTube for Learning

You can enhance and energize instruction by utilizing technology tools in amazing ways. One popular resource with students of all ages – from the youngest to the oldest – is YouTube, a video-hosting website. YouTube allows anyone with a free account to upload videos. Numerous organizations share collections of videos on this site, which are organized into channels. In addition to accessing content, you can create your own YouTube channel to share videos and showcase student work.

Benefits of YouTube for Learning

1. Virtual Reality

You can now find a variety of educational videos on YouTube that let you explore the world. YouTube hosts 360-degree videos sourced from organizations like the Discovery Channel. These videos can be accessed on YouTube’s website and viewed on computers or mobile devices. There are numerous ways to utilize virtual reality tools like these in the classroom, and YouTube now offers videos that are compatible with Google Cardboard. If you don’t have access to virtual reality viewers, you can still open the YouTube video and experience a 360-degree view by moving it in all directions.

2. Free Access to Content

When you search on YouTube using keywords, finding the right videos can be hit-or-miss, just like any Google search. As a teacher, you have a few strategies that can help. Try substituting different keywords to bring up different videos at the top of your list. You can also search within channels.

Many organizations, from Khan Academy to the American Museum of Natural History, have YouTube channels. An advanced search will help you find channels based on your keywords. Additionally, you can use the advanced search tool to find videos of a certain length or uploaded within a specific time frame. It’s a great trick to discover recent and relevant content.

Along with the evolution of learning on YouTube, ubiquitous advertising began to haunt us. I definitely won’t judge you if you want YouTube Adblock. Well, there is a pretty simple and powerful YouTube Adblock from VeePN. This is one of the VPN features that will help you watch YouTube without any distractions. In fact, a VPN is useful for other tasks as well.

3. Easily Share Content

Once you find the perfect YouTube video, you have multiple ways to share it with your friends, acquaintances, or students. You can use the video clip to initiate a discussion and generate interest in a topic. Additionally, you can watch tailored content in smaller groups or at home. There are various methods to provide YouTube links. For instance, you can shorten a URL or convert it into a QR code, making it easily accessible for students and parents on activity sheets or homework pages.

Best Educational Content on YouTube

1. C.G.P. Grey

This channel, which began on Aug 12, 2010, offers history, politics, philosophy, and technology classes. It has amassed over 4.2 million subscribers and garnered more than 483 million views. Check out this fascinating video that explains the functioning of the Electoral College.


Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, science graduates from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, created AsapSCIENCE. They maintain a science education YouTube channel dedicated to answering the questions you may not typically ask in science class. Every Wednesday, the channel uploads videos featuring science, philosophy, and music. They aim to produce entertaining, educational content that is easy to comprehend. AsapSCIENCE delivers humorous explanations of various scientific topics, like procrastination or hangovers, in videos that range from two to five minutes.

3. Crash Course

On May 19, 2006 this channel was launched with one goal in mind – to teach you a variety of subjects, from world history to biology and even psychology. With over 10.2 million subscribers and more than 1.5 billion views, the founders of the channel combine historical footage, descriptive illustrations, and humour to keep you informed and entertained. This is likely one of the most popular channels, but you may need an online VPN for your device to access it. This will help you bypass regional restrictions if they apply to you.

4. TED-Ed


Have you ever pondered the ethicality of eradicating mosquitoes? Or questioned why rest and hydration are the only remedies for a common cold?

The TED Talks team has crafted TED-Ed as a dedicated educational outlet for young individuals. Within this channel lies a collection of animated videos designed to satiate your curiosity.

These enjoyable and light-hearted videos delve into random musings and address practical, everyday queries. Discover how to manage your emotions or unravel the mystery behind the rapid deterioration of your jeans (definitely valuable knowledge!).

5. SmarterEveryday

Do you want to learn something new? Check out SmarterEveryday, one of the most popular educational channels on YouTube. Destin Sandlin, a former rocket scientist and engineer with over 10.3 million subscribers, runs it.

Destin is passionate about teaching science through his videos. He loves tackling challenges and uses his scientific knowledge to embark on exciting endeavours, such as finding a way to travel around the world in 80 days (or less) by only flying during sunrise, when it’s always daylight above the clouds. But SmarterEveryday isn’t just about science.


YouTube is a universal platform for learning. Here, you can find interesting and informative content on everything from the foundation of the Earth to mechanical engineering. YouTube has evolved to provide everything you need in an accessible format to make your learning experience smoother and more effective.

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