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When Only a Handwritten Note Will Do

by sambit
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Because of technology, the art of writing a handwritten note has all but been forgotten. There are times, however, when only a handwritten note will do, especially if the recipient is someone of an older generation. If you were raised on handwritten notes as a form of courtesy, a text message with emojis will never be up to snuff.

Condolence Notes

When someone loses a loved one it’s important to use friendship note cards to express your sympathy. Often, it’s difficult to know what to say to someone in these circumstances, so people end up saying nothing. A sympathy card doesn’t have to be fancy. Most people experiencing bereavement are more touched by an expression of genuine emotion than they are by someone else’s words. Write a short note expressing a memory of the person who has passed.

Post Job Interview Notes

After a job interview, the smartest thing to do is to send a handwritten note thanking the interviewer for their time. So few people do this anymore that it is sure to make you stand out as a class act. Even if you don’t get the job, the interviewer is more likely to remember you if something else comes down the pike because you will have made yourself memorable as a person with excellent manners. If the person interviewing you is significantly older, this extra step is even more important.

Thank You Notes

After birthdays and other holidays, children used to be taught to write thank you notes to deliver to their friends or mail to their grandparents. Sadly, this is a dying art. If someone does you a big favor or sends you an expensive gift, write them a thank you note. Unacknowledged gifts are more likely to lead to fewer gifts for favors in the future. Taking the time to find a stamp and an envelope shows that you really did appreciate what was done for you.

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It is discourteous to not acknowledge a person’s life or gift to you. Those with the best manners will send a handwritten note.

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