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Who Is Bruno and How Tall He is in Encanto?

How Old Is Bruno in Encanto

Since the movie Encanto was released, people have been talking a lot about the character Bruno. He is undoubtedly one of the mysterious characters of the movie and the fans created a buzz for the characters.

While some of them wanted to know how tall and old Bruno is in Encanto, others were interested to understand why Bruno disappeared from the movie. Let’s read the article till its end to get every single answer about him.

Who Is Bruno

Uncle Bruno is one of the youngest triplets in the movie. After Julieta and Pepa, he is the only son of Abuela Alma and Pedro. Apart from being the Brother in law of Agustin and Felix, he is also the maternal uncle of Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio.

After the triplets of Alma were born, the family attacked from outside and was forced to flee. His father, Pedro, saved the family and sacrificed his life. After five years, a miracle occurred when these triplets opened the door of Encanto revealing the power.

Who Is Bruno

How Tall and Old is Bruno in Encanto

Bruno is 50 years old and short in height compared to his two sisters. He is only 5 feet 4 inches. Bruno is one of the mysterious characters of the movie that kept him out of the conversations.

He has a pale complexion, curly black hair, and hazel eyes. He has prominent eye bags under his eyes, and the green light of his eyes used to glow when using his gift in Encanto.

The appearance of Bruno symbolized his magical gifts, such as a reddish brown shirt, dark pants, and hourglass pant prints. He used to wear clothes along with a poncho with rough edges and an unbuttoned shirt collar. Bruno is present in the movie with numerous rats, and they used to hide under Bruno’s poncho.

How Old is Bruno in Encanto

Bruno’s Magical Gift

Bruno is considered the family’s black sheep as he could see the future of people that caused misery for the hometown, and the citizens were obsessed with the tragic outcome of Bruno’s future view.

He is also capable of telling the bitter part of the future that made him a bad omen in others’ eyes.

Over time, Bruno’s relationship with his mother, Alma, worsened as she never believed that Bruno could do anything well for the family.

Bruno’s Magical Gift

His Personality

Bruno is an anxious person who manages his anxiety by doing various rituals such as knocking on wood, throwing salt, etc. In the movie, Bruno is seen as the keen lover of his family, and even he is ready to sacrifice his place to protect her youngest niece Mirabel.

Bruno was separated from his family for ten years and kept himself within the walls of La Casa Madrigal. His ability to see the future caused people to assume the worst of his power, so he took a shift from his family.

Why did Bruno disappear in Encanto?

Bruno predicted some events before, and they came true. An example of his prediction is a tornado at Pepa’s wedding. The villagers used to blame Bruno for every single thing that he predicted.

The villagers believed that Bruno was creating these tragedies instead of warning them about them. However, people began thinking of him as a bad omen. Bruno knew about this and disappeared from the house for several years.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bruno’s Magical Gift in Encanto?

Bruno could see the future in the movie. As he could also tell the bitter part of the future, people thought of him as the bad omen. Bruno knew about his problem and disappeared from the house for several years.

2. Is Pepa Older than Bruno?

No, Bruno and Pepa are the same age.

3. Who is the Oldest Encanto Triplet?

Julieta is the oldest triplet in the movie.

4. Who Plays Bruno in Encanto

John Leguizamo played the character of Bruno Madrigal in Encanto


Hopefully, now you have enough information about how old Bruno is in Encanto. The character was a mystery in the film and gave the film another level of success. Knowing the characters before will help you understand the movie at its best. If you want to get more information about the film, then you can ask questions in the comment box and wait for an upcoming article about the movie. So, it’s best to stay with us.

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