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Fashion Radar: Discover the Trends Shaping the Industry

Fashion Radar

For the person who wants to show up looking great, fashion trends may have you feeling like a million dollars. This year, there are some pretty great style trends to take a look at. From bright colors to staunch white looks, there is a range of styles for this year’s latest fashion. Here are some trends shaping the industry today:

Smooth, like satin

For something smooth for springtime, consider satin. Whether you sport your satin tops for the office, a date night, or go bold and wear a full satin dress, the smooth feel of this material won’t only have you feeling great, but you’ll also be pulling off a classic fashion staple this season.

Just look at any of your favorite magazine subscriptions to get the latest fashion advice on wearing satin for this season. A style that has come in and out of fashion trends for years, it’s one that many fashionistas are glad has returned, thanks to the class and comfort that it provides.

Pure in white

While white may be an obvious staple in the form of t-shirts, it’s less commonly used on a general day-to-day basis. However, that’s changing, with white dresses becoming a must in the fashion industry.

With the warm weather upon us, we see white dresses showing up in many stores, and many personal stylists are putting together both casual and professional looks with this color in mind. Plus, there are plenty of different shades to complement every skin color.

Embracing Color Theory

Ditch the idea that certain colors don’t go because this season, we’re embracing maximalism through color. Fashion designers and fashion lovers alike are realizing that these archaic style ‘rules’ don’t always have to be followed.

So, if you want to wear a red top with a bright pink skirt or you’d like to combine shades that seem to be in sharp contrast, you have full permission from the fashion industry to follow this fashion ideology this season.

Fresh Crochet

With warm summer days around the corner, crochet looks are in. While many of these styles require some layers to feel comfortable and covered, they’re perfect for adding a fresh vibe to your wardrobe while keeping you feeling cool, even on the warmest of days.

Whether you wear crochet tops or transparent dresses, keeping it light is the way to go for summer fashion in 2024. You can find these looks from high-end designers and smaller brands and creators on Etsy. Or, if you’re handy, crochet yourself your own set or dress. Break the fashion rules and cover yourself in crochet, whether your look is for Coachella or just a hot summer day.

Light Blue Hues

Light Blue Hues

If baby blue is the kind of color that you would say, “That’s my color!” then you’re in luck! Light blues are showing up in many fashion spaces, making fashionistas fall in love with this color that can look good on a variety of people.

We see it a lot in tops and accessories, but if you want to wear a baby blue dress or a celestial-influenced pair of pants, know that you’re within your right to show up in this fashion trend, regardless of the season.

In Conclusion

For anyone who loves to look good throughout the year, these tips above can help you shop for the best looks at any given opportunity. From crochet styles to unique color combinations, it’s fun to see how many old-fashioned trends are out the window and how new looks are here to grace us with their presence.

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