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The Gift of Glitz and Glam: 3 Tips for Picking Out Jewelry for Your Significant Other


The events that you share with your significant other should be marked with a little gift to show how much you care. To find that special something for your special someone on their birthday, a holiday, or your anniversary, visit a jewelry store in Edmonton!

Not sure what to pick out? No problem! Here are three tips that will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to give to your partner.

1. Likes and Dislikes: Figure Them Out

There are a few sneaky ways to figure out what type of jewelry your significant other prefers. Pay attention to what your partner lingers by when they shop. If something catches their eye, remember it so you can return for it later. If your partner already wears jewelry, take note of what kind it is or what is in their jewelry box. If all else fails, ask your partner’s best friend for hints—chances are, they might know something that you don’t.

2. Think Practically

Jewelry is beautiful, precious, and expensive. Therefore, someone might avoid wearing a beloved piece of jewelry for the sake of keeping it safe. If you are shopping for someone who constantly works with their hands, a necklace or bracelet may be a better choice for them than an easily lost ring. On the other hand, a ring might work better than earrings for someone who has long, tangled hair that tiny trinkets might catch onto. Think about a day in the life of your partner, and shop accordingly.

3. Sentimentality and Story

Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. A cheap bracelet that represents a memorable moment together may have more sentimental worth to your partner than a diamond-studded stunner. Shop for pieces with stories. Nothing is more romantic than gifting an imperfect, slightly corroded brooch that has a star-crossed love story attached to it.

Feeling more confident? If you still have a few jitters about selecting jewelry for your significant other, don’t worry. No matter the stone, carat, or price tag, the most important thing is the thought you put into it.

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