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The Hidden Risks of Common Beauty Products

The Hidden Risks of Common Beauty Products
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Beauty products were not popularized by the cosmetic industry per se. These are commodities that have come up in many cultures. They have flooded the markets because they provide physiological and psychological benefits to the user.

Moreover, these products are not confined to females anymore. To maintain their shining skin and lustrous hair, men, too, require lotions, gels, and everything in between. Men have been learning more over the past couple of years about skincare, chemicals, product performance, and application, especially in light of the pandemic.

The market for men’s beauty products is expanding rapidly. The introduction of new, cutting-edge items has catapulted the growth of men’s range of grooming products.

It is vital for well-known businesses to be visible to survive the intense competition. New entities are developing in every sphere of the ecosystem. The currently operating businesses must keep an eye out for emerging trends and jump on board as soon as possible.

This rush to stay relevant has resulted in many businesses putting forth sales over consumer safety and product hygiene. As a matter of fact, the cosmetic and grooming industry has had its share of consumer complaints for a long time now.

Evolution Of The Beauty Industry

Historians trace back the use of beauty products to the ancient Egyptians (4000 B.C.), who utilized kohl to create dramatic eyes. The worldwide market of beauty products, which includes everything from hair and skin care to makeup, is projected to be worth $425 billion.

The history of grooming products is as varied and exhaustive as the varieties of lipsticks on sale at your nearest cosmetics shop. Early beauty regimens depended heavily on natural components, with several products being multipurpose, foreshadowing modern cosmetics multitaskers.

Early cosmetic procedures were centered around the local environment, obtaining natural substances from nearby sources. The history of the beauty industry has been a reflection of the affinity the products had for nature.

Sunscreen lotions first came into the picture when soldiers required sun protection at times of war. This was a revelation in the beauty industry. This simple formula of sun protection is now a cornerstone for most facial cosmetic products.

The 1990s saw a return to a more natural appearance, with Grunge and hip-hop serving as major inspirations for aesthetic trends. With science-based solutions becoming inevitable, the beauty business has today reverted to its roots. In order to highlight a woman’s beauty, repair any defects or imperfections, and make her shine both inside and out, balms, correction creams, serums, and anti-aging products have flooded the markets.

Prevalent Health Concerns

A cursory check of the labels behind your products will reveal a concoction of chemical ingredients. You might presume that all of these chemicals have undergone testing to confirm their long-term safety, but it is not true.

Examination of products is done to ensure that they do not cause short-term health issues like skin rashes. But their long-term safety is not generally examined. The FDA gets involved only when consumers complain about a product and claim it injured them. Prior to that, the manufacturing company alone is responsible.

Many substances included in well-known personal care products on the market today are a cause for concern. Let us see the interplay of ill health and beautification in the following cases:

Hair Straighteners And Cancer

Some researchers have found that women who have used hair straightening products and relaxing chemicals are at risk of developing cancer. These products contain chemicals like parabens, Bisphenol A, formaldehyde, and heavy metals that pose a threat to human health.

An interesting study was published by The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) in regard to the ill effects of chemicals in our everyday life. It revealed that women who used chemical hair straightening treatments had a higher chance of developing breast cancer and other malignancies linked to hormones, such as uterine cancer.

Many Uterine Cancer Hair Straighteners lawsuits have been recently doing the rounds. Agencies like the TorHoerman Law are investigating these claims closely and fighting to bring the big brands to justice.

Hair Dye And Cancer

According to a few study authors, certain hair care products include more than 5,000 chemicals. Some of them can interfere with the body’s natural hormone balance or cause cancer in animals.

A study published in the International Journal of Cancer links coloring your hair to the risks of developing breast cancer. Women who used permanent hair dye at least once during the 12-month period prior to the study had a 9% increased risk of breast cancer compared to those who did not.

Dry Shampoos and Deodrants Can Cause Cancer

Aerosol dry shampoos are known to contain high levels of benzene. Other aerosol beauty products like sunscreen and deodorants are also guilty of having benzene. Benzene is known to increase the risk of leukemia and other life-threatening blood disorders.

The common ways for benzene to enter the human system are through inhalation and skin pores.

It has become imperative for you to cross-check the components that make you love your products. Even though your products might not initiate immediate health concerns, their long-term effect can not be neglected.


How and when did your complexion or skin tautness become more important than your overall health? The components in many new-age beauty products generally make out of the world claim to beautify you, but it is your prerogative to check for the efficacy of the product in the long term. Embrace who you are and what you are with love and compassion.

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