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5 Steps Of the Insurance Claim Process

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Your insurance claim will go through 5 main stages from the moment you report to when you receive payment for your claim. To prepare for the process, gather relevant documents and photos and take account of the events that led to the damage.

What is the Process Of an Insurance Claim

Connect With the Broker

Your insurance broker is your primary contact. You need to give the broker a list of all damaged items and videos or photos that you may have that explain the circumstances. You should then contact an adjuster for other claim processes.

Claim Investigation

Once you report the claim, an investigation is needed to determine the damages or loss covered by the insurance policy. The adjuster will identify any parties involved that could take liability. You need to work with a highly experienced adjuster such as Graystone Adjusting company for the best results.

Policy Review

After completing the investigation, the adjuster will read through the policy to see things that are covered and those not covered under your policy. The adjuster will inform you of any deductible that you could get for your case.

Evaluation of Damage is Conducted

Your insurance adjuster will hire other professionals for expert advice in evaluating damage accurately. The adjuster will give you a list of vendors to handle the repair work.


Your adjuster will contact you once the replacement of lost items and necessary repairs have been made.

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