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Best personal loan Singapore: Where to invest for your future

by Snehal Tanwar

When is a loan more than a loan? When it is an investment in your future. You can use the best personal loan in Singapore to flip a debt on its head by making the money work for you.

Learn to Earn

Whether you want to obtain a degree to leap into the corporate world or learn a high-demand technical trade, education and training cost money. Besides the course fees, you may have to purchase books, a laptop, specialised equipment and/or gear, as well as miscellaneous extras.

A loan to finance your degree or trade certification is not really an expense; the education you receive is virtually guaranteed to increase your net worth in the long term. Of course, some career paths are more profitable than others. Choose the right one and personal loan interest rates will seem like a minor inconvenience.

Formal degrees

  • Law – A fresh law graduate in Singapore earns a median salary of $5,000, the highest of any field. Lawyers go on to earn double that by mid-career. Those talented enough to be selected as judges earn between $15,000 and $30,000 per month.
  • Information Technology – New software, apps, and even completely new fields (think civilian space travel) mean that the IT ground is fertile with opportunity, no matter where your specific interests lie. Salaries start at over $4,000 per month.
  • Education – Does the prospect of shaping the minds of the next generation of Singaporeans appeal to you? Well, lucky you, because not only is being a teacher a fulfilling career but it pays handsomely, too. Teachers earn upwards of $3,800 monthly while university lecturers earn over $10,000.


  • Phone and/or computer repair – We all complain about the high cost of gadget repair. Instead of complaining, why not be the person raking in those huge sums of money? Most electronics repair courses are relatively cheap and short in duration. You may be able to start earning within weeks of completing one.
  • Home renovation – Singaporeans are avid home renovators and that means ample business for tilers, electricians, plumbers, and many other hands-on tradesmen all year round. Another advantage of these trades is that you earn as you receive on-the-job training.

The best personal loans in Singapore come with the lowest personal loan interest rates. They will make it even easier to turn your debt into an asset.

Health is Wealth

Medical bills tend to be some of the single largest expenses we face, especially as we grow older. Invest in your body like it is the only one you have… because it is. Investing in your health can take three forms – physical fitness, mental fitness, and nutrition.

Physical Fitness

Join a gym, buy a complete home gym, or get just a few simple accessories such as a gym ball, pull-up bar, and ankle weights. Purchase a good pair of shoes and run regularly. Of course, physical fitness does not always have to be intense. Even yoga classes can have an amazingly positive effect on your strength, stamina, and flexibility if you participate regularly.

Mental Fitness

A decline in mental acuity can have catastrophic effects on your ability to earn, as well as the capacity to make sound financial decisions as you age. Simple things such as a high-quality bed that lets you get a good night’s sleep, or a subscription to crossword or Sudoku puzzles can help keep you mentally agile.


Neither physical nor mental fitness is possible without the correct and adequate fuel for your body and mind. Nourish your body with high-quality food, including fruits and vegetables. Find out if you suffer from vitamin or mineral deficiencies, and buy the right supplements to make up the shortfall.

Reputable licensed money lenders regularly run personal loan promotions in Singapore. Speak to them to get the best personal loan in Singapore.

Take the Initiative

We have touched on how you can use a loan to invest in your formal and practical education, and in sustaining your body and mind. Alternatively, you could use low personal loan interest rates to set up your own business.

In today’s world of perpetual online shopping, you do not even strictly need a bricks-and-mortar store. Have a talent for drawing or music? Teach! Fitness buff? Give classes. Know about computers? People will pay to learn.

The biggest asset you will ever own is your brain; the most sophisticated machine you will ever command is your body. Invest in yourself and start reaping the rewards today.If you need a little hand to get going, shop around for a personal loan promotion in Singapore before you commit yourself.

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