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What To Do on Your Next Video Hangout

by sambit
Video Hangout

By now you know what to do during virtual office meetings and video chats with clients. But how do you host a fun virtual get-together with family and friends? Inject some fun into your next meeting with the following tips.

Dress for Laughs

Choose a shirt with a funny picture or a reference to a comedy movie you all love. Plan ahead and send a bunch of fill in the blank t-shirts, then compare how each participant filled in the blank. The writing vanishes in the wash and your group can rewrite the answer each time you meet, making it useful as an ice-breaker.

Make a Show of It

Split up into teams and re-enact a popular game show; perhaps one that requires drawing or guessing letters that make up phrases. Take turns sharing a hobby or giving a quick craft lesson. Watch a friendly little painting show together and compare canvases at the end.

Doing an amateur cooking show is a way to have fun, learn something and make a meal at the same time. Have three people pick a dish and ask each one to do a short cooking show segment. This requires advance planning and coordination: You can do three types of pie; a main dish and two sides; or one appetizer, an easy meal and a dessert. Extra credit if you make something that ships well and you send samples to your friends. Include the recipe, of course.

Follow a Theme

This is most fun if others do it, too. Pick a theme and express it on the call. For the ‘80s, wear big hair and 20 bracelets; play Madonna songs in the background. If you choose Japan, don a kimono and snack on sushi. Or channel your inner pirate with an eye patch and a stuffed parrot. See if you can display a palm tree, shipwreck or treasure chest in the background.

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