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How can you choose a yoga teacher training course in India

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For ages, yoga has been practised by many people across the world. Be it kids, adults or senior citizens, yoga is slowly becoming an integral part of many people’s lives. Nowadays, many schools have compulsorily started introducing the concept of yoga into their curriculum during the early stages of pre-schooling years itself. This enables the child to get acquainted with the art of yoga pretty fast. People all over the world are including yogic activities into their daily routine and lives. The concept of yoga initially originated in India itself, and then, later on, it slowly got spread worldwide. There are many people from all over the world who travel to India during certain months of the year, either to improve their yogic knowledge and to dwell further into its roots or to gain training and expertise into becoming a yoga teacher. One of the main reasons for this is lower costs as compared to foreign countries. Also, the kind of training which is given in India may not be present in foreign countries. Many people come to India with the hope of learning yoga-related trainings in the midst of the beautiful Himalayan ranges.

When we think of a yoga guru/teacher or how can we become one, the first person who comes to everyone’s minds is the famous Indian yoga guru Swami Ramdev. He has been teaching and practising yoga for ages in India as well as many places abroad. People all over the world get fascinated watching him perform the various yoga asanas with so much of ease such that immediately they are drawn to India in order to learn more about it or to train themselves into becoming a yoga guru.

If a person is looking forward to becoming a yoga teacher, the sanctity of the place or ashram must be such that it offers immense peace to the mind, body and soul. In India, there are many such places with beautiful scenic locales where yoga teacher training courses are offered at quite affordable prices. Therefore, there is no doubt that people worldwide are drawn to India in order to learn and practice the correct way of teaching yogic science.

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The following factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a yoga teacher training course in India:

  • Yoga Alliance Affiliation: Before choosing a centre for getting trained on yoga teacher courses, check out which of the institutes are offering the prestigious Yoga Alliance Affiliation. Offering quality training in this field is correlated with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International. Institutes that are registered with yoga affiliation can definitely guarantee that their training standards would always be a class apart. Such institutes will also ensure that you can interact with yoga teachers worldwide and dwell deeper into the insights of becoming a yoga guru. On successful completion of the course, such institutes offer prestigious yoga alliance certifications to students along with the validation status of being a yoga guru.
  • A curriculum which includes yoga alliance: A curriculum is again an important aspect which absolutely needs to be taken into consideration before selecting a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh. The teaching methods which are followed are extremely important in imparting high teaching standards. Check out those institutions which offer courses that follow teaching standards in accordance with a yoga alliance approved curriculum. These institutions ensure that strict disciple is followed in terms of the learning schedule of the much-respected yoga teachers.
  • Comfortable accommodation and quality food: Apart from checking what the training courses have to offer and how the entire training schedule is going to be planned, the comforts of the place-of-stay and the food which is provided to the trainees also need to be checked. The ashram which provides training should be located in a calm and peaceful place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It would be all the more nice if it is situated in the midst of nature with greenery all around for example somewhere close to the mountain ranges. The environment in which the yogic art is mastered makes a huge difference. Also, the quality of food should be of high standards. Healthy and nutritious meals and timely eating habits ensure a good relaxed body and mind. As the Indian cuisine has many varieties to offer, people who are foodies can get to explore the rich culture of Indian food. There should be a good, comfortable resting area in the ashram which ensures that your body gets sufficient rest while you learn and preach yoga.
  • Picnics/excursions and additional activities: What is learning if there is no fun associated with it!!! Find out whether, occasionally, certain additional activities are organised, along with the training courses. For example, certain social service activities, or a visit to an area of devotional interests are organised by certain institutes. A few trekking and adventurous activities are also planned by certain institutes. Check out for these factors too before deciding on which place to opt for training.
  • Satisfactory Training Outputs: As it is rightly said, India is a country with a rich and varied heritage. Everyone comes here from the far nook and corners of the world with the hope of gaining expertise in the field of yoga teacher training and to become a highly acclaimed yoga teacher. Whatever the intentions may be, whether he or she has to become a skilled yoga teacher, or whether the person needs to gain expertise in the field so that he or she is confident of imparting yogic knowledge to others, the entire training course and period needs to be a lifetime experience for students who undertook the training. The results of the training should be favourable and towards the end of the course, the people coming here should feel blessed to have come to such an institute which offered complete bliss during the time period of the entire course.
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So folks, if you are planning to come to India with the hope of becoming a yoga teacher, please keep in mind the above factors and plan it out accordingly. I am sure that you would never regret your decision of coming here for getting trained into becoming a successful, well-known yoga teacher and you would surely recommend it to others too!!!

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